just need to ramble.

I’ve worked with holy shit parents before, dealt with them, slapped them around, clued them in, fuck, told them to stop acting like 5 year olds. Then, you have…. this particular one.
This particular one’s got this inharrent issue wherein because the last time I was here, oh my fucking christ, I left a miss labeled bottle here. This supposedly makes me a criminal. Well she never outright said it, but come the hell on, it’s obvious.
So Among other reasons, (hi, krista’s birthday.), oh, (hi, disability services needing a swift kick in the balls), you push this trip back even farther… anyhow, another one of the reasons I wanted to come back was to, in list format, because I’m a lazy son of a bitch.

  • meet the entire family
  • this has the added bennifit of hopefully putting a cork in said issue of criminal activity’s I’m supposedly involved in.
  • meeting the extended family, hey, wouldn’t be a trip without it, right?
  • finally tossing that stupid fucking modem of d00m out the window. erm, maybe not, if we don’t have a replacement , but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

forget the unexpected arrival sans equipment, thanks
for the rock solid replacement.
Oh we can’t forget meeting
witch has added some interesting things to this trip.
More on tomorrow’s trip after it happens.
No, we’re not going back to montreal, sorry bout your luck. lol
Anyhow, back to the original reason I’m typing.
So, it comes up that hey, Krista’s mother wants to do birthday things with her, the rest of the family to, as well. Ok nifty, right? how about not really.
This stupid bitch doesn’t even think I exist, doesn’t want to try, one minor fuck up and I’m scarred for life.
I want this to work, but if the queen bitch won’t even acknowledge my existance, where’s the point in trying?
Staying at the college, is whatcha call expensive, and has this nasty potential of blowing up in our faces if the wrong person gets it in their head to wine, complain, etc.
I’ve made arrangements for this weekend, we thank
once again for being nice enough to offer me a place to stay since certain parental twatwaffling hormonal asscracks don’t want to do the polite thing and actually meet the boyfriend of their daughter and actually, ya know, get to know me?
Come on, yeah I have this tendancy to run my face, but would krista keep me around if I was a total anal…. abusive, son of a bitch?
I’d think not, and
and many others here at the college and online would kick my skinny ass to the moon and back.
and james just might evict me.
so to the twatwaffling sex deprived thing that is krista’s mother, get rid of the cranius inrectus, now.
I’m done, now.

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