it's monday, so we start out with a healthy dose of stupidity.

This blog post isn’t gonna be nice, at all.
It may also contain strong language, you have been warned
But who expected nice, from me.
I thought not.
Most of you that read this, know I maintain a
account, that is, for my own sanity, protected.
You probably know this because that is where you snagged this post from, as my stats show the majority of my hits are from twitter.
Anyhow, that’s beside the point.
I got back from breakfast and was doing the morning e-mail routine and I get a message from krista, that’s a link to an audiotweet on the website
I listened to about the first 5 seconds of the post, and realized that it wasn’t something I needed to listen to in order to get the jist of it.
I’m going to simply lay out the facts as *I* see them, and as they are, and if you don’t like what I have to say, get lost, now.

  • Am I staying in the dorm with krista? Yes.
  • Do I have a job/an alternate source of income other then the government? yes, or I wouldn’t have been able to come down.
  • Why am I not in a hotel, and instead staying in the dorm at krist’a’s colige? because krista offered to provide me a place to stay, avoiding the cost of hotels, and other unnecessary baggage, the school’s aware of me being here, and multiple staff and students including krista’s roommate have seen me here and have interacted with me. if their was an issue, someone by now would have said something.

Let’s cover a few other points.
Starflyer 3, if your reading this, witch if you are, well I’ll be surprised, anyhow, I challenge you, to come out, from behind your speech synthesizer. Let’s here your real voice.
Or are you to afraid to let the world figure out who you are?
Secondly, I’m going to state *my* opinion about starflyer3 since he seems to like giving his opinion about others.
Starflyer 3,I, myself, think your a self-centered, little sheltered blind person, who’s mother allows you to shove your dick up her ass and gives you *everything* you want in life.
this makes you think the world owes you something.
Let me tell you something, the world,don’t owe you a damn thing.
I, myself, may flip off at companies, for things, but do I go around hammering on every company out their? no! Do I give compliments to reps and companies when they go beyond the call of duty to help me? yes, I do.
You, starflyer3, have never done this, all you seem to do is rip on blind people, and you never find anything good about blind people.
You see the bad, and that’s all you seem to do on twitter.
your attempting to teach a lesson? What, that

fucking blink

is your favorite phrase?
In closing, starflyer3, get off twitter, we don’t need your garbage.
It’s useless.
With that, I’ll See you on the comment boards or in my next post.
piece, out

4 thoughts on “it's monday, so we start out with a healthy dose of stupidity.”

  1. the problem is us on twitter reply to him. he wants the atention. the more we mention him on blogs and twitter the more he will have fun with it. he just seems a stupid blind kid. likely a teenager.

    • He can’t get to me on twitter, he wants others to do his dirty work, and he’s a stupid moron who as I said in the original post, hides behind a synthesizer, as he knows damn well he comes out with his real voice, he’ll get a hell of a lot of slack, and if as you said he’s a teenager, someone’s bound to contact his mother, and basically, say, you’ve got two choices, deal with your child, or lose him, make your choice

  2. You know, I really shouldn’t be doing this from a mobile browser, because the formatting is hellacious, but I think I need to speak my piece, here. Yes, Shane is staying with me for the duration of his time in the States. If he hadn’t, as he said, coming here would have been out of the question. I have a meal plan that was paid for at the beginning of the semester that allows us both to eat. Before he even purchased his ticket here, the reason he was allowed to travel was that he was guaranteed 3 meals a day. Let me also state for the record that I WOULD NOT allow just any random to crash at my place, be it home, school, wherever, for two weeks. I also risked my ass doing this. My mother, as you may know, is out of her mind, and thinks that every person on the internet is a pedophile, rapist, nutcase, etc. Had she known I was doing this, and yes I did believe we were going to get majorly busted last week, she would have probably done something stupid and had Shane deported. I’d also like to note that since Shane has been here he has been a perfect gentleman. He went off to get coffee and food yesterday, and because neither of us had eaten yet, the question wasn’t, “Do you want anything?” But it was, “What do you want for food, and no, nothing is not one of your choices.” I’ve also never met anyone who would run ahead of you down a hallway to open a door for you. Any time he goes to get himself food or caffeine, whether he thinks I want something or not, he asks. A couple times there was no question, he just walked in and looked at me and handed me something. And as to the accusations of abuse I’ve heard from various people, kindly take them and shove them up your ass. The most he’s done to me is hit me with a pillow for being a smart-ass, which we know I deserved, or threaten to do so his first day here when I appologized for my mother’s idiotic behavior over $0.50 and wouldn’t shut up. I’ve already discussed with him another trip up here when James goes to Rochester. Would I do that if he were a bastard? No. He might get on my nerves a bit somedays, but I probably do the same to him. Before you assume, and believe someone else’s story, use your own brain, and look at the facts as YOU see them, not as your friends see them.

  3. Shane It’s me oug I uderstad how you feel buddy…. I’e always ben your frend, and have always been there for ya. We need to talk more as we’ve not in a while
    let me know what’s been up with you?
    Take care,


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