it's been a long while.

Hello Faithful readers,
It’s been a long while since I’ve posted an actual entry.
A lot has happened in my personal life and their are things I just won’t discuss here.
Let’s start with the living arrangements.
As those of you know who I communicate with via msn, AIM, yahoo! Jabber, GoogleTalk, Twitter, and e-mail know I’m in the process of moving.
But for those who either don’t even read the twitter updates that are posted here automatically, here’s the long and the short of it.
I will be moving on April 1st, 2009 from Brantford ontario, where I’ve lived for just over two years, to hamilton Ontario, about half an hour away.
Why the suddin move, you ask.
A number of reasons, a few of witch are listed below.
*cheeper rent
Currently paying $852 plus utilities, when I move I will be paying $607 and that will include utilities
*the transit system in my opinion is better, not as good as the one in Toronto, but better than the one here.
More frequent bus service, access to burlington via the bus system.
*access to getting places is a hell of a lot easier and cheeper, thanks to go transit, I can get to toronto and back for under $20 when it used to cost me $23 just to get their from here.
Their are more personal reasons, but I won’t get into them here.
Let’s see, what else to talk about.
Oh, yes, I read the following in a newsletter the other day.
Please, as the tip states at the end, kids, don’t try this at home.
*** ***begin tip*** ***
Resuscitate a dead drive by giving it the gas
After reading reader Scotty Burrous’s description of how he brought a hard drive in his mother’s PC back from the dead, I started to think I’d been watching too many scary movies:
“My mom’s laptop recently croaked. The two-year-old 60GB hard drive decided it had had enough and the platter quit spinning. I hooked it up to a 2.5-inch USB adapter after removing the cover, negating any and all out-of-date warranties, etc. When energized, the indicator LED — normally green — was red and the platter didn’t move.
“There were a few files my mom hadn’t backed up — sigh, she’s 86 years old — but decided she desperately needed. With tweezers, I manually rotated the platter on the hub, not touching the disk. I noticed it was difficult to turn, so I figured, ‘What the hell?’
“I purchased a container of butane — the stuff you refill a cigarette lighter with — and dispensed some of it (frequently) onto the bottom bearing. When energized, the platter spun up and I managed to get all the pertinent data from the drive! And with continued application of the butane, I ended up copying all the data from the (now) ex-drive.”
I’m going to take Scotty’s word that this tip actually worked — but kids, don’t try the butane-on-the-bearing trick without adult supervision! (I can’t help wondering what Scotty tried on the sick drive before he turned to lighter fluid.)
*** ***end tip*** ***
Well folks, we’ll talk again soon.

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