is your personally identifiable inforrmation on facebook, really secure?

so as I do on a regular bases i keep up with interesting newsbits, and techy things, as well as blogs, via rss.
I ran across
this story
witch raises a lot of questions about facebook’s apparent lack of security when it comes to third party applications.
The article tells us that some applications, are in violation of facebook’s *own8 rules and regulations.
In my opinion, shold facebook not have been checking applications, before allowing them to be used by the general public to ensure they met their own guidelines for information security?
The article indicates that some applications are giving peoples names, and those of friends, to nearly 25 different advertising agencies, in clear violation of the setout policies that facebook has in place.
The article does indicate facebook is taking steps to fix this issue, but my point here is this.
Facebook should be keeping a better handle on it’s applications, and ensuring no matter the app, that it meets minimum security guiddelines before even releasing it to the public, if it doesn’t sorry your app can’t be used until it meets our minimum security requirements.
I’d like to here your thoughts on this.
What do you think of this latest facebook fiasco.
Should facebook impose stricter control over 3rd partty applications to ensure things like this, don’t happen in the future?
I await your comments.

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