is life in prison, really enough? I don't think so.

while passing through my twitter timeline this morning, I ran across
this disturbing article.
about a sentancing of 2 males who brutily assaulted, injured, then murdered a defenseless 18-year-old girl.
I can’t even bring myself to copy rellivent parts of the article I’ve linked to above.
but, Let me spell out my feelings about this incident.
In my opinion, these two individuals should be sent to a state that still supports the death penalty, and put on trial for murder, as adults, not as youth’s, and sentanced, to death.
The punishment should fit the crime.
Them even considering sentancing them as youths is perposterous. Their *should* be know issue over this. sentance them as adults, and be done with it!
I don’t think life in prison is enough, why should our tax dollars go towards keeping these stupid wastes of air, and skin, alive?
I await your comments, for, or against.
I *want* this to spark debate on this blog.
Opinions, suggestions, questions, what have you, post them in the comments section.
I’ll even do research and put together another post with questions, and responses to questions if necessary.
Should these individuals be sentanced as youths, or as adults. Whatever you decide, why do you feel this way.
Is life in prison enough? Or should they be put to death. Why do you feel this way.
The comment boards await you

4 thoughts on “is life in prison, really enough? I don't think so.”

  1. The logic in the blog post is sound…The article itself literally made me throw up. Not a good pre-lunchtime read.
    I’ll say here and now that if Canada doesn’t have the death penalty, they need one, and it should be used on these two wastes of life. Sorry, but we have enough psychos of our own here in the U.S…We don’t need to import them. As both a human being and as a father, what these guys did sickens me to no end. I’ve always been a firm believer in the death penalty, and it’s cases like these that remind me that I’m right to support it. We need to not only USE it more often, but we need to limit the number of appeals these convicted murderers get.
    Unfortunately, even here in the US, since they plead guilty, it probably would’ve still been a life sentence instead of the death penalty. The prosecutor in this case is dispicable for allowing a plea…On one hand, I understand not wanting to drag the family through it. But on the other, a plea bargain doesn’t always bring about justice.

    • In my utter rage, It didn’t even register that this was canadian based. welcome to enraged me missing the provincial code for British Columbia.
      My thoughts still stand as written even if I didn’t clue into that case being up here.

  2. First of all, I knew Kimmy for nearly 15 years of my life. Her death is a tragic, horrible event, and the two boys who ended her life need to pay, in my opinion. Why should they be allowed to live, breathe clean air,waste taxpayers’ money when beautiful sweet innocent Kimmy is dead? Brutally murdered for the sake of these useless fucks’ ego’s? No, they should not! Kimmy is unable to laugh, or dance to music or throw orange peels at people just for fun anymore because of these people. She did, btw, throw orange peels. it was hilarious to watch, Lol. I gave her the peels from my oranges many times. 🙂 But I digress. I agree with all comments, and with your opinion, Shayne. Not only because I knew Kimmy personally and very well, but even if this happened to someone I did not know, what was done is sick, uncalled for and disturbingly psychotic. Nobody that is capable of brutalizing someone like that should be allowed to continue living.

    • kaitlyn,
      I’ve done nothing but research kim’s life, and read everything I could find on her, and I feel like I knew her all her life.
      This story, has made it next to impossible for me to sleep.
      Nobody, shold ever have to be put through this, and if you ever need to talk, need an ear, what have you, please, get ahold of me via twitter dm, and I’ll make myself available


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