interesting non blog related statistics for december 2010.

so in the bordum that is 6:30AM, I started digging through stats from december.
for the fun of it, and in list format, thanks to
you’ll have these stats, useful? well maybe not, but what the hell, right?

  • On the robot front, google stole an impressive 4.01GB of bandwidth and came in at 1255 hits.
    A note to google, that’s sorta not necessary, stop it. thanks.
  • audio file downloads?
    You people were suitably bored, or so it seems, from links on this blog, you downloaded the mp3’s available in december a total of 2510 times, using an impressive 198.14GB of bandwidth, this made up 5.8% of last month’s traffic.
    I’m impressed, and suitably amazed you found those files, *that* interesting.
  • another stupid statistic worth note, the number of 404 errors you all generated last month? well, that’s an impressive, or maybe not, but you all thought that 2263 404 errors would be nifty, and that made up 25.8% of the traffic.
  • their were 18610 of you poor suckers using windows, 2,026 of you using macs, and a very impressive 184 of you using linux.

note I’m betting most of those windows things were bots, as you’ll see from the totals below, for viewed content only the viewed content totals don’t match up to the other numbers, but you’ll have that.
the totals:

  • total bandwidth used in december: 219.97GB.
  • Total number of visitors: 1,262.
  • total number of pages viewed: 37977

So that folks, is how much you broke the website, last month.
We’ll see what january has to bring, when those stats are available.
For now, happy surfing.

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