I'm rambling, again.

It’s still hard, as I sit on the bus, heading home, from a trip that I won’t forget.
Since July, 2010 from the hospitalization, to now, I’ve been picked up from so many crashes and kept going, it’s scary.
Finding someone that doesn’t run when my moods go from outrage to hiding as quick as they do is hard. But as I’ve posted previously here, you can tell I’ve found that person.
As I travel home, I found 2 pieces of writing that I think were posted previously here , but fit, as well as wrote a third one, that, well, I never stuck a title to, but that was written without brainstorm, my brain kinda spewed forth.
I warn any of the pickier readers here, I don’t spellcheck or grammar check these, it’s the content not the structure that’s important.
I don’t know where I’ll be posting this from, weather I’ll be at home, or from a random wifi connection on the way as currently I’m unable to get online from the bus I’m on.
But never the less. here you go.
The inspiration for this first one came from a conversation I had with a teacher, back in my 6th grade days, and funnily enough won me the 6th grade writing compitition that year.
Scarily, I wasn’t intending to show this to anyone, but my teacher saw me writing it during a computer class and wanted to submit it.
This, is the result.

the unspoken vow.
By: Shane Davidson
It goes way passed physical life itself, and far beyond forever. It’s built upon the love
and trust you and your partner have together. It reaches beyond anything beyond physical
controll. You find that special person who makes you whole. It makes you more complete than can ever be explained. This person is your one and only through the joy and pain. A love so unconditional that no family can divide it. It was a daring secret you can’t live without and you don’t want to hide it. its a feeling that could only be sent from heaven above. It’s more powerful then what you think is love. I know that I have found this when i hear your voice. Every time I speak your name I know I’ve made a right choice. You are my one and only. You’re always there whether I’m happy sad or lonely. Without you I don’t know how I ever made it. Thanks for always being my everything. I’ll love you forever.

I know, sappy, and just, some of you might puke, get the hell over yourselves or stop reading. *grin*.
I just realized I think that’s the unspellchecked copy but I can’t seem to locate the official copy that got submitted as the contest winner.
This next one, was inspired, funnily enough by an X of mine, who to this day, even though she can be a royal bitch at times and I wanna strangle the fuck outta her, she’s like a bigger sister, and hey, I’ll take inspiration wherever I can get it. yeah?
and for those wondering, No, it’s not kerri! I didn’t even know her back then, so bleh at your heads!
Here you go with this one.

True relationships never really die
by: Shane Davidson
True relationships never really die
And family isn’t defined by blood
It’s made strong by bonds that won’t break
Tempered and tested by trials and pain
what you mean to me is more than words can describe
you’ve been loyal to me from the beginning
And no matter what happens between this moment and then
I shall be always thankful to have you in my life.
You’ve been their when I’ve needed someone to talk to
you’ve been their when I’ve needed a hsolder to cry on.
When things got tough, you were always their, ready to help, and assist me.
You made me see my errors and helped me fix them
you brought me to an understanding that I’ve never had.
You’ve showed me what it means to be loved and what love really means.
It’s not the words or the intimacy that defines what love is.
it’s the closeness, the bond between two people, that make love what love is.
You’ve showed me what it means to be happy, to have someone who truly loves me.
When I asked you that day way back when, I expected to be rejected, to be pushed away because of who I was, what I had done in the past.
Not you. You excepted me for who I was.
You didn’t ask me to change who I was, to change my personality to suit your needs.
You became my rock, my everything.
You are the reason I continue to carry on through the tough times.
You are the reason I want to get up in the morning.
You are my strength, my shield, my all.
Without you, I don’t know where I’d be.

As an aside, no that one didn’t win me anything, it’s probably to blaw to be worth much, but hell, my blog, my stuff, don’t like, piss off.
Ok, so to the one that got written in an hour of nonstop typing, and took 5 different rewrites during that hour to get right.
Welcome to random things being written on a bus. yeah?
It don’t have a title, so, kindly, get over yourself, ok?
Here goes.

their are times in your life when you sit and wonder, what’s the point in carrying on, nobody seems to understand my feelings, my problems.
You find people that seem to understand, but as time progresses, you find out their faking it changing themselves to suit you and their hearts not in it.
Then you find the one person, the one person who you know from the breefist conversation that you feel something’s their, their’s a connection like never before.
When around this person you feel free, free to express yourself, your hopes, your dreams, even your deepist secrets.
Their’s no wondering can i trust this person, it’s instant and complete trust.
Their aren’t words to express how i feel, the only thing i can think of is thank you, thank you for simply being their, and keeping me grounded. giving me someone to talk to no matter the situation.
it’s your continued friendship, love, understanding and willingness to see me through the most horrific times that make me want to continue on each and every day.
You’ve brought me through so much, showed me that not everyone is cruil and inhumane. shown me that i can trust again, that their are still reasons to move on from my past, still people that will stand by me through it all no matter what.
I thank you so much for that, for looking past my problems, past my issues and helping me to trust, again.

So their you have it, my sappy, and probably nun too interesting writings that are probably not worth much. hey, I said it earlier, my blog, don’t like the content, go back over their where you came from.
With that, I shall say piece out, and we’ll have something more, whenever that may happen.

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