is this really worth the stink it's raised? not really.

has raised a lot of questions about american airlines integrity.
As a cane user myself, I understand the blind person’s point of view, yes the cane’s a vital part of travel skills.
But I would have handled it a lot differently.
If I’m asked to give up my cane, I’d simply ask, please explain to me, what policy I am violating by bringing a travel aid such as a cane onto this flight?
Am I in violation of a policy of your particular airline?
If told no, then I’d simply tell the airline flight attendant, i will keep my cane, and store it under the seat.
I am a compitent enough traveler that I can get around without my cane if need be.
Do I think the airline flight personell were correct? no, I don’t. but would I have thrown a fit about it? no, if they wanted to kick me off, I’d simply ask to speak to their manager, and have the issue dealt with, and probably end up getting a free flight out of the deal.
simple, as that.

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