how do you confuse…. those?

so a restaurant has this nasty habbit of
This time, a milk shake, and an alcoholic beverage.

Brooklynn Morris, 4, was served an alcoholic mudslide at a Chicago Chili’s restaurant, her mother says. (Credit: CBS)
CHICAGO (CBS) – An Applebee’s in the Detroit suburb of Madison Heights, Mich., made headlines after a 15-month-old boy was mistakenly served margarita mix and alcohol in his sippy cup instead of apple juice.
An Olive Garden in Lakeland, Fla., also made headlines recently for serving a 2-year-old alcoholic sangria rather than orange juice.
As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, Tyree Davis said she was having dinner with her daughter at a Chili’s at 1750 W. 119th St. in the Morgan Park neighborhood around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, when her daughter’s chocolate shake got swapped with a mudslide alcoholic beverage, which contains vodka.
Davis said her daughter, Brooklynn Morris, 4, was later diagnosed with an alcohol overdose.
Brooklynn drank from the cocktail three or four times, and told her mother it didn’t taste good.
Davis said she tried it herself, and that is when she realized it was an alcoholic drink.
She called police, who responded to the restaurant and told her to take her daughter to the emergency room, because the girl was dozing off.
A doctor at Metro South Medical Center in Blue Island diagnosed Brooklynn with overdose of alcohol ingestion.
“I don’t want it to ever happen again … to any child, because I know this just happened last week to someone, and I heard about it, and it’s crazy that it just happened to us yesterday,” Davis said.
“You know, they need to be more, I don’t know, aware of what they’re doing. I know you’re busy, I know things are going on. I know it’s crowded, and it was crowded. But you served my child an alcoholic beverage. That’s not good.”
Davis said her daughter vomited when she got home last night, but when CBS 2 stopped by Monday morning, Brooklynn was sleeping.
Chili’s Restaurant and its media representatives have yet to respond to the incident.
Davis said she was told by a manager Sunday night that someone would be calling her within 24 hours, but she said she has not heard back from anyone either.

This isn’t the first such innsodent of this as sseen in the above article, and methinks it’s time for some serious retraining.

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