everything explodes, and doesn't take customers with it. and other unrelated things.

I no how to blog? apparently, I do.
If your smart, you’ll have noticed that thing that your reading and some of it’s associated services, hey
you actually no how to update? miracles! Wait, I can’t actually talk because I’ve been lazy about updating this thing, more on the how and why in list form later in this entry.
As you might have read
over here
that over there in that corner of the server moved, to.
our domains are still barried on the same server, just not on the
same servers that our paying people hang out on
and it saves $$$ in the long run, and allows for a little more *smash* to happen without taking the customer base with it.
This also means if the customer server goes *smash* the customers can still yell at us and tell us it’s broken. Hey, ladies and gents, we already knew, we knew long before you, now shut up so we can fix it, k? lol.
A couple of services like
this one
shit the bed nicely during an unrelated change, more on that later, and I kinda didn’t find it until this morning. Yeah, shut up, I know I’m on a roll.
Let’s see, what else.

  • move into temporary residence is complete, and I finally got around to running the keys back to the old rental office, damn you life, stop fucking me up.
  • apparently my computer dealer is a moron and doesn’t believe I know what I’m talking about when I know the damn system board’s on it’s way out. any of my female readers wanna use a pair of high heals and step on his nuts, please?
  • we welcome
    to her own little corner of the web and to
    thank you for not using
    our sanity thanks you
  • my next convert
    does live on blogger
    but I’m working to fix that, but need to wait until she’s back from
    the san rafael campus of guidedogs for the blind
    to complete that transition.
  • it’s nifty to see 8MS pingtimes to the iweb box, and a solid 15 to the server where this blog lives. go bell fibe, go!
  • school starts soon, so that just might break my blogging sprea. oops.
  • I’m playing games like
    imperium novanow
  • certain people need to understand a specific 4 letter word has more meaning than you think and to stop acting like a whore, no I’m not providing context, to bad.
  • an unlocked iphone is in my future.

I think that covers the high points and random spueage of my brain.
Talk soon.

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