Episode 5 of the personal podcast, january 31, 2011.

and here we go, after a long absence, have episode 5 of this thing that calls itself a podcast.
on this podcast, we have the following people.

  • krista.
  • me.
  • rae.
  • Acronell.

We go to the grocery store, the cvs thingy next door to the supermarket, the lickor store, and the dunkin doghnuts. then jump the bus for the last little bit of the trip back.
Krista joins us in the intro, and the ending and near the ending of the main audio, with rae joining us for the last part of the trip back and on the bus.
so, you can get that thing, that calls itself a podcast
over here
It runs a total of 1 hour 28 minutes and 16 seconds. so go get it and put comments on this here post.
Enjoy and see you next time.

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