days that suck, but include people that are made of win.

so as posted early
the plan was to go out to lunch with a friend, and hit wall mart.
Except that part, wherein that didn’t happen.
This time, my wallit was supposed to be in my jacket pocket. except for that parrt, wherein…. it *wasn’t*.
Happy? no, not really.
Annoyed? sure, I’ll use that one. why not.
Long and short of it, had to run all the way to fuckin’ montreal to replace one of the 2 lost debet cards.
trip started yesterday at 1PM and didn’t end until about an hour ago.
We thank
:for driving me their, and back. You sir, are made of awsome, and win.
Why can’t their be more people like rick in the world? seriously? it could use a few more.
related: american customs, it’s no business of yours where I work, I probably make more than you do, so kindly shove off.
related number 2: welcome to having to bust out the grade 9 french braille reading skills, to make sure we found the right pisser in tim hortons in montreal. Everything, but the bathrooms was printed bilingual, why not the bathrooms? who the fuck knows.

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