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  • 00:01 daily batch of tweets tinyurl.com/cz4u9u #
  • 00:10 lying down to read and possibly sleep #
  • 05:49 @vampire_girl110 yep you’s is #
  • 05:52 it’s cafeen time! #
  • 07:53 person wants 2 blok me on twitter fine we’ll just prevent said person from following my updates as wel works wonders 2 can play at this game #
  • 07:54 woke up 2 You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user. fine, the favor has been returned. thank u 4 playing #
  • 07:56 running down the list of those following me & clearing out those that have either blocked me or not excepted my follow request. Just ho … #
  • 07:58 that’s 3 down, anyone else? #
  • 08:10 RT @lunatic_radio 2day’s programming consists of canadian fried country with poohbear tune in lunaticradio.net 4 on the east 1 on the west #
  • 08:16 looks like mctwit is fucked up timezone wise, either that or @lunatic_radio’s twitter timezone is screwed. have 2 look in2 it. #
  • 10:28 yes fuckers, tell me something I don’t know! duh! god! lol! #
  • 10:30 rock on #singlehop! hell yeah! RT @zakboca: #SingleHop clients should all be on 100Mbps uplinks & no more inbound bandwidth billing 🙂 #
  • 13:07 @kd6cae wow! it’s fuckin’ dial up speeds! let’s r’r’rock! lol! #
  • 13:11 system access subscription started. thanks to the special person for helping me out u no who u r! Once they change username by by go jaws! #
  • 16:27 I found jesus! I found serotek! lol! by by freedom fuck us blind people over! grins! go #serotek! #
  • 16:32 RT @arush: RT @isfullofcrap: I don’t know how your workday’s been, but I swear, I’ve eaten a shit pot pie and asked for seconds. UGH! #
  • 18:17 My Daily Twittascope (tinyurl.com/cg3umm) #
  • 19:55 if you smoke after sex your doing it way 2 fast! #

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