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  • 04:02 and here we go again! recompiling for the last time, I, hope! #
  • 04:25 build complete, systems operational! ok, time to stop playing with the server for now. #
  • 04:56 remounting the 1TB drive. #
  • 04:56 or maybe not, stupid idiots phoning at god awful hours #
  • 05:20 account restores started at 2:18AM EST and were done by 3:27AM EST. beautiful. I like that speed record. grins. softlayer for the win! #
  • 07:19 @sandorboy do I even want to know? #
  • 08:28 this is what I like to see from a customer. Wow! You guys move like the energizer bunny. You keep going, and going, and going. Grin. #
  • 08:29 and my response to that customer? We’re like cogeco, we give you more, more, more! #
  • 08:30 @planethitsradio yes we are, we give you more more more, great service! #
  • 09:19 quit telling me Sorry! Your request cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later. you piece of shit! #
  • 09:59 just raised hell with fido. #
  • 09:59 note this poohbear hasn’t slept and I don’t wanna sleep. so their! #
  • 10:01 I’ve seen better five day forcasts, but I can live with this one. #
  • 10:02 @vampiric_angel morning to my fellow vampire #
  • 10:03 @planethitsradio because it’s pick on adam day #
  • 11:31 working on a lot of the little shit on the server that was missed during initial install/restoration #
  • 17:54 working with irate individuals is know fun #
  • 20:43 guess I’m not meant to fooll around. I’ll just go be by myself then if that’s the attitude I’m going to get. #
  • 21:01 intigrating my source mods into the latest filezilla release. this is fun! not! #
  • 21:05 force SSL no longer works, y? because you need open sl for it to rwork now! fine, I’ll just intigrate the mother fucker! #
  • 21:13 I hate compile errors #
  • 22:28 lord help us, I’ve got more cafeen! #
  • 23:27 IE and me are about to start to not get along. #
  • 00:20 I hate my computer. #
  • 00:21 I’m gonna fuckin’ faint #
  • 00:51 @WakeAngel78 welcome home! #
  • 00:54 about to port all entries to wordpress from lj then set up another loud twitter account for tweeting to my wp blog #
  • 00:54 @WakeAngel78 poohbear’s don’t like unhappy kittehs #
  • 00:58 @WakeAngel78 O tay. pets kitteh’s head wif bear paw gently #
  • 01:17 anyone experienced making loudtwitter work with wordpress? any help would be appreciated. #
  • 01:43 this is so not true! Are You a Jerk? – tinyurl.com/apnfmt – You Are the Anti-Jerk #blogthings #
  • 01:53 I answered the quiz honestly who nos maybe it’s right. but in my opinion I’m not what it says I am, but maybe others think differently. #
  • 01:55 you can read full quiz result at either www.shaned.net/blog/?p=138 or shanelush.livejournal.com/35142.html #
  • 03:08 woot! wordpress blog now receives my tweets! go for it! next? #
  • 03:15 @lights_rage I was bound and determined to make it happen, and by god it did. and now twitter posts their as well, ah the worlds grand. #
  • 03:51 New blog post: an interesting article I’d like readers comments on www.shaned.net/blog/?p=143 #
  • 03:57 New blog post: daily batch of tweets www.shaned.net/blog/?p=144 #
  • 03:59 post 144 was deleted because it was just a test. #

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