complete copy of court papers including all attached letters.

in a previous post, I included what I thought was a complete copy of the paperwork as presented to kerri.
This was not the case, and as the following will show, this is a complete copy, as presented to her, including all supposedly attached documentation.
My comments will follow each presented set of documentation.
First we have the actual court aff-a-david from barb.

Barbs claim: 1) CAS kinship given to myself Sept 15, 2008 to date still have kinship of Arik, Kerri has supervised visits 3days weekly.
1.1) I Barb (grandmother) of Arik am asking the court for joint custody of my grandson Arik. Arik has resided with me since Sept 15, 2008 as a result of CAS intervention (letter enclosed) my son Josh has signed over his parental rights because he cannot safely case for his son Arik because of his disability C.P, but he Maintains regular visits supervised in my home whenever he wishes to visit with his son, Arik (letter enclosed)
2) I feel that Kerri (mother of Arik) has alot of anger issues, a very bad temper that is presently being controlled by anti-depressants. She leads a very unstable life, boyfriends coming and going all of which have some form of a disability. In wheelchairs, hard of hearing, and present boyfriend is completly blind. All of there factors present danger issues where my grandson is concerned. Kerri seems to feel I am discriminating against her choices, in fact I an only concerned for his safety. In light of the fact his own father is disabled with Cerebral Palsy and cannot look after him safely that why he has supervised visits in my home. I also have a very large family all of whom are very involved with Arik and his needs, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great. Kerri had alot of problems with Arik as a baby issues with temper, anger, feeding issues, and Arik was left in crib for most of first eight months as a baby. He was neglected constantly and I was called day and night, at all hours of a day to assist her where her anger and temper was concerned.
3) I also would like the court to put in place an order that Kerri cannot move outside of Hamilton, as Arik’s whole support group lives in Hamilton. Kerri has expressed to friends and on facebook as soon as she gets Arik back she is moving out of Hamilton. I am under the understanding that she has already applied elsewhere for housing. Josh, Arik’s father relies on public transit to see his son. Kerri’s family visits Arik when possible but not a reliable support group due to the fact her grandparents are older and in bad health, and her father Bruce is legally blind and offer assistance himself. Therefore Hamilton is the most responsible area to live for everyone involved.
5) Kerri has a real problem thinking outside the any of everyday decision making and common sence. She needs constant reassurance and guidance of her decision making tasks, right from wrong and whats appropriate or not. Her visits now are three days a week, assisted by a P.S.W worker through CAS, there is always someone telling her what to do and how to do it.
6) I strongly fear for Arik’ss safety when CAS, her support worker (PSW) are no longer assisting her. I dont feel (from my two years in dealing with Kerri’s problems) that she will be able to mentally and emotionally deal with Arik on an everyday basis, she will always need someone to tell her what to do, I feel splitting the time will be better for Kerri’s emotional well being, no child needs to see his mothers temper and upset all the time.
7) I am asking the courts for joint custody of Arik
1st week – Wed + Thurs night return. 2nd week – Sat + Sunday night return Friday morning pickup. Xmas – boxing day or Christmas due. Alternating this schedule at three days every week.

A few things to note here

  • firstly, the supposed abandonment of the child was because of undiagnosed depression, kerri admitted as such to C.A.S and saught help.
  • the anti depressent medication she is on *is* not to control her anger it is to control her depression, suicidal tendancies and panic attacks
  • please note barb cannot count, the items went from 3 to 5. um, what happened to the number 4?
  • multiple times throughout the above, she takes pot shots at blind people. I note here the following questions and points of interest:
    • How, is my blindness, a risk to the well being of arik?
    • how is my lack of sight, a detriment to his safety?
    • Chris, (last name omitted for privacy), who previously has commented on this blog, has a child that is, non verbal, blind, and otistic, and get this, chris, is, oh my god, blind! Chris’s lack of sight does not, in fact prevent him from raising or caring for a child that has multiple disibilities.
    • so if chris can take care of a child with multiple disabilities and raise said child effectively, what’s stopping me, who is blind, from raising a completely sighted child and providing proper care?
  • I also ask, how the hell is her families health concerns, or bruce, ***kerri’s father***, not a support? I note the following here
    • Bruce has on occasion provided toys, and clothing, as gifts to arik
    • when transportation is available kerri’s family *does* come to see their grandson.
  • in item 5 as shown above, Barb is asking for the courts to put in place an order to keep kerri in hamilton because of josh’s need to use public transportation. (see the supposed release of parental rights below and my comments following that for more.)

and now we have the supposed consent releasing josh, (the baby daddie’s), rights as a parent to barb.

In the matter of Josh Remmelzwaal + the Arik Remmelzwaal (Nov 3/07) + Barb. Josh Whereas Josh Remmelzwaal is the child Arik Remmelzwaal
Whereas the child Arik Remmelzwaal is before the family court in child + family service act proceedings with the childrens aid society of Hamilton.
Whereas the child was placed with Barb Jenkins mother of Josh Remmelzwaal on a kinship basis by CAS Hamilton on Sept 15, 2008. Whereas Josh Remmelzwaal is severely disabled + wishes his son to remain under the care + supervision of Barb jenkins in his sons perceived best interests.
Whereas Josh Remmelzwaal has parental rights with respect to his son.
Whereas Josh Remmelzwaal has visitation whenever he chooses at Barb Jenkins’s residence.
Now therefore in consideration of the foregoing Josh Remmezwaal hereby grants + assigns + releaseds his rights over the child to Barb Jenkins dated @ Hamilton Ontario Aug 20/09 signed by B.J and J.R witness not readable)

Note the following with the above quoted supposed letter.

  • This letter was hand written
  • This letter does not containa lawyer’s signature, nor does it contain a file number
  • I consulted with my lawyer, adn readers should be aware that under ontario provincial law, you do not sign your rights over to someone, you simply sign them off, they are gone.
  • refering back to item 5 in the aff a david if he’s signed off his rights like this supposedly states, their is no need for that order to be put in place as stated in item 5 above.
  • This makes the above supposed consent, null and void.
  • the signature is not readable at all.

and finally, the letter from C.A.S.

August 11, 2009 To whom it may concern. I am writing this letter to confirm that Arik Nathanielle Remmezwaal born November 11, 2007 has been placed in Ms. Barb Jenkins care as per kinship arrangement with our agency. Arik Remmelzwaal was placed in your care September 15, 2007 signed by R.B and J.E.

note the following

  • pen corrections throughout this letter were made to correct miss typed information

So, does anyone see how bad this looks?
Their’s no grounds, and if this holds up ina canadian court of law, I’ll be ashamed to be called a canadian.
I await allyour comments, andramblings.

2 thoughts on “complete copy of court papers including all attached letters.”

  1. I think the main reason she {Barb} is afraid for you guys to move out of Hamilton is because then she and her son won’t be able to cause you guys any more drama if you are away. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; she needs to get a life of her own and stop trying to run everyone else’s. The supposed letter signing over custody is bullshit if it is not typewritten and if it contains no lawyer’s signature it cannot be considered a legal document. I’m dumb but i’m even smart enough to realize that. Oh, and just an FYI. Kerri sought help for her depression, not seeked. Just trying to help. 🙂


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