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Dear readers,
With the influx of people attempting to start drama between me and krista over the past few days, and attempting to post unneeded and unwarranted comments to this blog, as of now, any and all comments will have to be approved by me or another administrator.
I never thought I’d have to resort to this, as it retracts from the freeform way I like my comments to run, and the discussion unmoderated comments allow, especially when a topic really gets going here, as I’ve seen in the past, but it had to be done.
I do apologize to those of you who are legitimately posting valid discussions to the blog.
If you have questions, or other less… manual ways, I can keep the unneeded/unwanted comments off the blog without manual intervension, I’m open to ideas.
Please note that akismet is already installed.
I’ll post later, hopefully with something more happy.

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