can I just forget about monday?

So monday started out all right.
The usual amount of nothing was scheduled to happen, except a few random calls to bitchslap people around that james and I had to make, not to tarrible, right?
you’d think so, until I have to ring up ODSP and hit them upside the head with knew information.
This goes all right, until it’s determined that their is no rent information on file for me, and I have until Friday, to get it in, if I don’t their not gonna issue the shelter cost.
Just fuckin’ spactacular.
I attempt to explain to the case worker, this can’t happen this way, we need more time, but can I give you the numbers verbally and fax or drop off to you in person next week with the proof of information, as this is how I got it done at the old address.
my reasoning I don’t have reliable transportation out to pembroke this week to get the information to you.
Of course not, legally she can’t do it, I shouldn’t have done it that way at the old address, etc. etc. etc.
Ok, fine, then can you send someone out here to pick up the information, as this has been done this way before, of course not.
gets involved and says, well all the information you needs in my file, can you use that until we can get in next week with the paperwork.
This is a no go to, so we finally get sick and tired of dealing with this person, and i call back and promptly request the manager of the district, without preamble.
I get shot to renfrue, the little smaller hicktown the opposit side of pembroke.
We determine after some checking that OK, I’m in the right spot, but the managers not in and won’t be until tomorrow, but is their something I can do for you.
The receptionist is sympathetic to the issues I’m raising and gets me calmed down from blowup stage to explain that yes, their doing their jobs, but no, them not accomidating you knowing the situation wasn’t right, and I was within my rights to call and speak to the district manager.
So I get put through to the manager’s voicemail, and have left one novel of a message.
After this is done, we now wait.
Will I get my full check this month? who the hell knows.
This has made up both mine and
mind that we are moving back to ottawa, for the simple fact that little hicktown dumps like here aren’t condoossive to gett anything resembling sensable done.
Related: we reached phil and hit him with a clue by 4 to get at least that portion of the paperwork started, but we’ll see where that ghoes.
Monday was made of suck fail and blow. that is all.

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