brush up on your basic math skills. Your gonna need them.

Hey all;
As a way to combat spam, and to make sure not even those fools that get around my spam measures, have you some basic math skills.
If you don’t know basic edition, subtraction, etc. and comment without answering the question? Your comment won’t go through.
Enjoy 403 errors for those of you without basic math skills.

3 thoughts on “brush up on your basic math skills. Your gonna need them.”

  1. Now that I should no longer be banned, let’s say what I was going to say originally.
    Is there any way to change the positioning of the math question box? I obviously knew I was looking for it since well, look at the post I’m commenting on. But I can imagine others especially the blind ones stumbling onto a different post and missing it entirely since it’s way down the page, even further than the subscribe box. If I didn’t know I was looking for it I wouldn’t have looked passed the subscribe options.
    Oh, and speaking of the subscribe options, change your plugin so that there’s not the option to subscribe only to replies. There’s a strange bug that causes people who subscribe using the combo box not to receive any comments from the author of the post. For some reason it works perfectly if the option is just a simple checkbox. Do not ask me why this is, but Carin and I figured this out running some tests over on the Comet.


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