at least they'll now have a toilet on the go.

So someone decided late last saturday night to
make off
with a porta potty.

.BOGNOR, Ont. – It’s not something you’d think most people would want, but somebody made off with a portable washroom in central Ontario.
Provincial police say the port-a-potty was stolen from ski trails on Grey Sauble Conservation Authority property, about 15 kilometres southeast of Owen Sound.
Police say the theft happened sometime overnight Saturday.
It should be easy to spot, as the grey and white portable washroom is marked Wilton Sanitation.
And it couldn’t be an easy steal as the unit weighs about 90 kilograms.
Police want to hear from anyone with information about the theft. (CFOS)

The theft of said toilet begs the question, were you really that up for a place to build your brown cabbins?

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