another reason I hate ODSP.

So as previously posted here, on an as needed bases I’m either crutch or wheelchair bound, depending on the situation/how much my left knee wishes to flip me off.
Initially, ODSP, paid for my first set of crutches, back in July.
Due to circumstances, etc. I’m needing to replace these crutches, ok, ring up my case worker and go, here’s the situation, can ODSP help?
She hims and haws, then chucks me on hold.
Comes back and goes, well because it’s been less than a year, we won’t pay for replacements.
In short, ODSP fails, at life, again.
I have to cough up the money to pay for the replacements.
so, ODSP, Thanks for nothing, bastards.
related: my US helth ensurance won’t cover them either, so fuck you to.
related part II: before you ask, the family won’t help either, so don’t even bother going there.

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