another random post from bed, and this time, we've got audio for your listening plesure.

So I’m laying here in bed, waiting for krista to get back from her shower so we can get breakfast, and I can get a jumpstart with a cappuccino and I remembered two pieces of audio that I posted to twitter last night that I myself helped produce, and to see the light of day.
Both of these are
Mojo Radio
first one. came to pass at 3AM one morning, while in binghamton, Ny, with chelsea who’s been mentioned in 3 previous blog posts. welcome to a rewrite of a nursery rhyme. Wanna know witch one? Go get the file, and find out!
That particular one isn’t used by a lot of broadcasters but their it is.
next one
was chelsea’s actual show promo produced around the same time, for
Mojo Radio
as well, that one was a lot of fun to produce as well because of the time it took to get right.
This show promo’s no longer valid as chelsea’s no longer on the station, but I keep it around.
Let’s just say, you thought nursery rhymes weren’t safe? Well Neither’s hanna montana.
What song got ripped apart? Go get the file and find out!
Anyhow, I might want to consider this moving thing, and get the laptop off my legs, and get dressed so I can actually go get that cappuccino I spoke of earlier, yes?
I’ll post again later.

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