and this driver still has his license?

being a few days behind, I’m just now catching up on the few things I need to post here.
We’ll start with this bus driver that
for some reason has his drivers license after
a special needs student on a bus alone.

WINDSOR, Ont. – A driver who left a special needs student on a school bus alone in Windsor, Ont., will no longer be driving school buses.
General manager of Student Transportation Gabrielle McMillan said the driver won’t be working for any of the local school boards.
The student at Forest Glade Public School was left behind on a school bus at drop-off around 9 a.m. on Wednesday.
It’s not known how long the student was left on the bus, but the student is reported to be fine.
The Greater Essex County District School Board is conducting its own investigation to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

This driver shouldn’t just be fired from driving for the board, he should lose his bus driving license, perminantly and also not be allowed to have children, if this is how he treats special needs kids

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