and their goes amazon's pripriatory drm protection, out the window. I'm not sad though.

When I purchase something, I expect to be able to do whatever I want with it, whenever I want, on whatever freakin device I so choose, right?
Up to now, kindle users couldn’t do this.
It’s a long standing given that I hate DRM, especially when on the rare off chance I purchase something, that DRM protection is on.
This means I can’t do whatever I want with said purchase, weather it’s an MP3, or an ebook.
Until now.
life hacker
we have the
to your kindle drm protected wo’s.
somehow I’m not saddened by this.
The reason?
I bought the book, let me do whatever I want with it. So thanks to the above linked source for giving me an actual way to use what I buy wherever I want.

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