and I return, with random audio

So, what happens when myself and
get bored enough to want to go out, want to find out? Then go get the random audio file that’s in this post.
We discuss a bunch of things, and we even refer to
this show of doom
that I still listen to and go, really, now I know why I don’t get that drunk. christ.
But hey, I still remembered it the next day, so I still had room left to get drunker. so I couldn’t have been totally smashed, right?
I’m so fuckin’ dead on so many levels, but it’s my blog, don’t like it, suck on a post.
We also refer to
the new years show
that was loads of fun to do.
was involved in those shows, so their both pritty dangerous.
With that out of the way, have random, stuff that’s totally us, by goingover here.
and downloading it!
Until next time.

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