a small note to minto.

Really quickly and in list format because I’m goddamn lazy.

  • When you run a guarantor, it helps if you actually, ya know, run the same financial year-to-date with them as you did with the initial tennant.
  • when you fuck up, instead of telling us their’s nothing you can do and making us ram our foot up managerial asses, actually own up to them mistake and offer to fix it.
  • lastly, instead of us calling you for an update, do that thing that would be calling us. that would rule.

And that kids, is today’s form of squishalized clue, brought to you in part by my mail client. I love posting by e-mail, it’s fun and makes quick posts like this fun to write.

1 thought on “a small note to minto.”

  1. And welcome to life with Minto…I’ve been living in their properties for 6 years now…they’re a special bunch, that is for sure.


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