regarding the sparatic errors your getting and a notice of blog policy changes.

readers and commenters alike;
Firstly the sparatic 500 internal server errors that are cropping up over here, are being looked into, and we hope to have a resolution soon, so if something chucks an error, try the page again, or simply check the post itself as it’s a pritty good chance the comment or reply was posted.
If they get to frequent, or things stop posting, or stop loading, please let me know via e-mail or another offline means and we’ll dig even deeper.
Secondly, Due to the recent onslaught of people thinking they can hide behind the annonymous name, and use *my* e-mail address to post comments, this has been put a stop to, immediately.
You can no longer post with the name annonymous, and my personal e-mail address can also not be used to post comments, unless I’m logged in and posting comments/replies to comments.
If this does not stop people from commenting, I will institute registrzation to comment, and you’ll have to use a means not on this blog to reach me for an account.
This is not a forum for you to bash others for their views, nor is it a place for you to take out your frustrations on others that post here.
This is for lively debates, and discussion that pertains to the content posted, and not for your bitching and moaning because you don’t like that I allow others to post here.
Please, for christ sakes, excersise your brains, and instead of wasting mine, and the others administrators time with your useless crap, you don’t like what you read? don’t even read it, it’s that simple
Those of you actually contributing substance to this blog? keep it up.
Once again, you post using annonymous, or any varriation therein as your name? your comment won’t post.
Thanks and again I apologize to those who post things that are actually worth rreading.

2 thoughts on “regarding the sparatic errors your getting and a notice of blog policy changes.”

  1. hey Shane. I’m writing you to let you know I understand how you feel about all of that I hope things are getting better for you

  2. Hey. You. Over there. Get out of my head. I had it on the do-it-later list to ask you about what you planned on doing about the anonymous comment situation, and I come back from class to see this post. Amused.


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