a note to the driver, please, stop failing.

wel, their are people that just don’t like snow.
didn’t, and greyhound passengers aren’t very
about it, and with good reason.

Angry Greyhound passengers are considering a lawsuit after claiming they were abandoned for 14 hours in northern Ontario.
More than 100 people were on the bus when it stopped at a gas station in White River on Sunday morning, reported The Toronto Star.
Those on the bus were told by the driver to sit tight, because it was snowing out.
He then checked into a nearby motel, allegedly leaving them to fend for themselves.
They were forced to wait until 5 p.m. the following day, with little information about about what was happening, passengers said.
The company said they are investigating.

so in other words, the driver was too goddamn lazy to do his/her job.
Please, do be firing this driver. thanks.
related: I’ll still travel on greyhound for the soul purpose of it won’t kill my wallet.

1 thought on “a note to the driver, please, stop failing.”

  1. This very thing happened to me one year–all of us were stuck in the gas station type thing for some thirteen hours in Kansas City while the drivers went to a hotel! Oh, and then, they almost left me and wouldn’t let me use the wheelchair lift. Like you, the only reason I still use Greyhound *very occasionally* is because that’s what I can afford. Still…never again if I can help it! Rant over–the end!


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