a note to people who think I'm made of money. their's a clue inside. go fetch.

This is an open clue to specific individuals who think I’m made of money and who need a knew brain.
Please take note of the following in list format.

  • Nobody was home when I left on december 1, 2010.
  • Your waiting until now, almost a month later, to ask about the house key? seriously?

Now, for a couple well aimed clues.

  • If you really want me to ship the key back to you, kindly pay for it. and *my*, transportation, at $25 each way, to and from pembroke by cab to ship the offending piece of metal.
  • a more smarter idea is this, it’s cheeper to simply cut another key than to spend almost $15 in shipping, + transportation costs, to and from the post office, for me to ship the house key back to you.
  • what the fuck am I gonna do with the house key nearly 9 hours away, for serious?

In short, quit wasting my time, and yours, and the money I don’t have, and get over yourselves.
Replace the lock or the housekey, and move the fuck on.
I don’t wanna here anymore wining you can’t rent the room out because, *I*, didn’t give back the house key.
the simple fact is this, your to goddamn lazy to cut a knew one, and that’s the end of it.
Thanks for playing, now, shut up and leave me the hell alone.
note, to the people this is directed at, this is my blog, my opinion, don’t like what I have to say, stop reading, right the hell now.

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