A long overdue update

Note that the usual warnings and notes apply as stated in the header of this blog.
Ok yall, I know it’s been awhile since I wrote an actual post, so here we go. We’ve got a lot to cover, and some of what I have to say may not be popular with certain people, but as I stated in the header, these are my opinions, so deal with it!
If you can’t. stop reading!
Relationship update.
So as a lot of you know, I was dating amber harmon. For about 3 month’s. That fell through. Let me explain why.
At the start of the relationship things were going all right, communication was their, I thought things were going to work.
She arrived up here at the end of May, 2009, and the first week was all right.
I met kerri and tobi about a week after, and that’s where I feel things drastically changed for the worse.
She started backsliding, not communicating, using MSN to communicate even though I asked her to stop, not taking proper care of herself hygienically, etc. etc. etc.
She also started relying on kerri and tobi for things, we all knew she could do on her own.
When she had her menstral period, she couldn’t control it, their ended up being blood on the walls, and on the mattress, and this continued even after kerri specifically said if she needed assistance, to open her mouth. She did not open her mouth, it just kept up.
She returned home to texus Tuesday July 7, 2009 arriving back in the states Thursday, july 9th 2009.
I’d like to state that amber did admit as much that she should have communicated more and that this was a large part of what caused the relationship to crash like it did and she should have made sure I was aware of *everything* that was involved with her as a person.
Anyhow, without boring you with the rest of the details, she has gone home, and we are still remaining friends, as we had a friendship before we got romantically involved.
Onto happier topics.

a picture of kerri
a picture of kerri

for blind readers, In the above shown picture you see Kerri, as most people call her now, my
wife, dressed up to go out somewhere.
Anyhow, I met kerri through another
and let’s just say, their aren’t words to describe what I feel for her.
We both had a long involved discussion before we even started discussing a relationship, finding out where we both stood, what we both wanted, etc.
As of now, we are officially dating, and tobi, actually approves!
As kerri said. it’s only taken me 4 years!
I don’t have a lot more to write, but I’ll post later on.

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  1. Hey. Just wanted to say again that I wish you guys the best. I must agree with what you said about Amber; i witnessed the same or similar circumstances when she attended Criss Cole Rehab Center in Austin with me in 2006-07. By the way, did you know that for some reason, your date posted shows as the 15th this month when today is actually the 23? Just thought I would let you know.


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