a long overdue post

Hello all,
It’s been awhile since i’ve actually posted something other then random bouts of humor, etc.
So let’s catch up on the happenings in my life.
As those of you who follow my
will know I’m again single. I’m not going to go into details, it’s in the past and if you really want to know my thoughts on it go read twitter, or ask me via messenger.
As well i’ve moved out of what i most fondly called the cockroach motel, and now live on king street. It’s a better area of town, more accessible to bus routes that i know and can use, and i’m much happier here.
Health wise, i’m going through a lot of issues right now, trying to gain lost weight, severe bouts of depression, medications that aren’t agreeing with me, etc.
If you really want to keep up with me, follow me on twitter, as it’s the fastist way to no what i’m up to.
ok, piece for now.

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