a complete copy of the papers regarding kerri's court appearance in october, with notes from kerri inserted throughout!

I spouted off my opinions about this crap in a previous post noting the parts I had a problem with, but now I have a complete copy of the paperwork from kerri herself.
Their was no gag order on this so ha!
I’m putting it here for your review, and please, I beg of you, comment away!
also, please if you wish, listen to
This coming Friday September 11, 2009 at 7PM eastern for a complete ass ripping of all as posted below.
If you miss it, I’ll be sure to get the segments uploaded for download within 48 hours of the end of the show and I’ll post an entry with them.
and now, let the fun… begin!
Note anything beginning with three stars and ending in three stars are notes inserted by kerri herself
also note that spelling was corrected, and abbreviated names were expanded.

1) CAS (social services) kinship given to myself (Barb) September 15, 2008 to date still have kinship of Arik. Kerri has supervised visits 3days weekly ***(they are not supervised they are partially supervised on Tues, and Thus by a Parent support worker, and are unsupervised on Wed)***
1.1) I Barb am asking the courts for joint custody
***(in Canada the booklet says Joint custody needs lots of cooperation, and works when both parties have same ideas and values of bringing up child. Courts are *RELUCTANT* to order joint custody if both parties do NOT agree to work together)***
Arik has resided with me since September 15, 2009 as a result of CAS intervention
***(I volentarily placed him in Barbs care *TEMPORARILY* to allow me to seek stable housing in Hamilton)***
my son Josh (father of Arik) has signed over his parental rights because he *cannot* safely care for his son Arik because of his disability CP, but he maintains regular visits supervised in my home *whenever* he wishes to visit with his son Arik ***(Please note that I see Arik 3days a week)***
2) I feel that Kerri has alot of anger issues, a very bad temper that is presently being controled by the use of antidepressants
***(note that I have been diagnosed with situational depression and suicidal tendencies. As well as panic attacks)***
She leads a very unstable life, boyfriends coming and going all of which have some form of disability. In wheelchairs
***(my *friend* Mark who has Spina)***
hard of hearing
***(my ex Eric who was deaf in one ear)***
and present boyfriend who is completely blind. All of these factors present danger issues where my grandson is concerned Kerri seems to feel I am discriminating against her choices in fact I am only concerned for Arik’s safety. In light that his father is disabled. Kerri has had alot of problems dealing with Arik as a baby issues with temper, anger, feeding issues, and Arik was left in crib for most of first 8 months as a baby.
***(again note I suffered from depression)***
He was neglected constantly and I was called day and night at all hours.
***Barb was called to assist where temper was concerned.***
3) I would also like the courts to put in place an order that Kerri cannot move outside of Hamilton,
***(note that I’m not a criminal and on parole, I am not a sex offender, nor am I a child molester)***
as Arik’s whole support group lives in Hamilton. Kerri’s family visits Arik when possible but are not a reliable support group due to the fact that her grandparents are older and in bad health and her father Bruce is legally blind and needs assistance himself. ***(note the shot at blind people again)***
***(yes we went from 3 to 5 Barb cant count, this is the best part***
Kerri has a real problem thinking outside the box of everyday decision making and common sence. She needs constant reassurance and guidance of her decision making tasks, right from wrong and what’s appropriate or not. There is always someone present to tell her what to do and how to do it.

I can’t wait to see your comments!

1 thought on “a complete copy of the papers regarding kerri's court appearance in october, with notes from kerri inserted throughout!”

  1. I think Barb is the one who has a problem thinking outside the box. Her son, who has CP, has more disabilities than Shane does, obviously, because he isn’t the one going places in Hamilton *independently* like SHane and Kerri are. Also, someone from the courts should be asking themselves “has this woman never had any problems of her own?” She seems to have no sympathy for anyone other than Josh and herself. I normally don’t wish bad things on other people, but it’s people like this that I wish could live with a physical disability of some sort for about a month just so they would understand it. Barb needs to get a life of her own and stop trying to run everyone else’s.


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