an explination, and an an apology from this blog's management.

Ladies and gentlemen;
Throughout today, you may have seen comments scrolling across this blog, belittling, being rude towards, and just outright being unkind.
The simple fact is this.
Their was a family emergency, mainly, a death in the family. The message informing me of this fact, arrived this past Friday.
I then indicated that I was not attending any services for them and stated my reasons why.
Ever since then, I’ve had to deal with e-mails, facebook messages, etc. wining that I was a useless child, and saying things that aren’t fit for this blog or it’s readers.
I then noticed an onslaught of comments today, from these same people trying to make you all take their side saying similar things.
I have since removed these comments, and locked down commenting until such time as things calm down.
I apologize for this, but this is the only way to ensure my protection from those who wish to cause problems.
This blog’s authors and management take a dim view on those who are out to do nothing but harm others, weather it be an author, or another commenter, it’s not tolerated.
Thank you for your time, and again, sorry if you had to read that crap.

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