A note to the stupid

First, we start with the internal stupid.
1. Pitting everyone against each other and causing a major bitchfest, is NOT how you get your way.
2. Sitting on the computer all day, unshowered and in your pajamas, at the age of 12 is wrong. What the fuck are you thinking? Wait…Why do I need to ask that when I know you’re not?
3. Additionally, again. At 12, you should be DOING SOMETHING. Not sitting there telling me you’re too lazy to take a shower.
4. Yes, I did bitch you out, and yes, your father agrees with me, or he would’ve bitched at me when I went to go do morning meds.
(He didn’t. He was completely fine with me and recognizes this as an attempt to pit everyone against each other and have them fighting for this child’s amusement.)

Onward to the external stupid.
1. As the blog’s disclaimer says, “You have the ability to not read this blog, please exercise that right. That simple.”
2. Let me translate that for you in even plainer English than Shane did. “If you don’t like what someone has to say here, kindly do us the favor of getting lost.”
3. Additionally, if you don’t like something here, please have the testicular fortitude to tell us, and tell us who you are. One thing we hate here are anonymous comments, which get automatically heaved into the spam folder, but even worse, we hate it when people circumvent blog policy.

4. Noone who comments has the right to tell us how to run the blog, or how we can comment. I’ll say it again. “You have the ability not to read this blog, please exercise that right.”
5. Not doing the above automatically revokes your bitching license. Please be advised of this in future.

Assistant admin and co-writer needs a 2-liter of Mountain Dew, some lunch, and a week off from the stupid.

I just got my ass handed to me, and Fitchburg State University’s tech lead is pissed, at MCB.

I just got the final word. FSU’s tech lead, Sherry, told me this. We’ll let an XP system on the network. But we don’t officially support it anymore. they won’t work on, or provide support for, a system that is not 1. up to date. 2. under warranty. 3. does not have a LEGAL COPY of an up-to-date operating system on it.
I was officially told this afternoon, do not bring a used machine on the network. here it is. “So, for the security of yourself, the school’s network, and to prevent legal trouble, no used system, and nothing older than vista, or 7. If necessary, you can purchase an upgrade disc from the bookstore for $7.”
So I was correct about not accepting a used system, as who knows if I’d be getting a legal copy of XP? there’s also the questionable integrity of anything on Craigslist. Get a Windows machine off Craigslist, you’re just inheriting someone else’s problem. Also, if I have issues with the machine, I can’t take it down to i.t., because they simply will not help, if it’s an XP machine. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s dead, let’s throw it a party…I mean, funeral. I absolutely must get a new machine. I cannot bring a used one onto the campus, it will be allowed on the network, but not supported. So if it, too, goes the way of this frankenputer, I’m, for all intents and purposes, fucked, and not pleasurably either.

Also, Sherry would like to give a nice, sticky, and unpleasant piece of her mind to the idiot at MCB who put XP on a vista system. She figures the original configuration of this system was probably illegal to start with. She’s not too thrilled. I suspect she’s already called there and rammed her foot up somebody’s ass.

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and sighted people had the nerve to question my parent skills as a blind person? really?

Oh yeah, this is exactly what I wanted to wake up to reading via rss feeds this morning.
While scrolling through RSS feeds, I come across
Here’s the article in it’s entirety.

Vancouver couple have been arrested for allegedly holding their two young autistic boys captive in a darkened, caged room.

Responding to a tip from Child Protective Services, police officers raided the couple’s apartment Tuesday and found the boys, ages 5 and 7, confined in a bedroom with a cage-like door. The boys could not speak, were wearing diapers and were not enrolled in school or receiving medical attention, according to police reports. They had no toys in their bedroom, which also had a cage over the window.

The parents, John C. Eckhart, 30, and Alayna M. Higdon, 26, were taken into custody on suspicion of second-degree criminal mistreatment and unlawful imprisonment, both class C felonies. On Wednesday morning, Clark County Superior Court Judge Robert Lewis set bail at $25,000 each. As of Wednesday afternoon, the two were in the Clark County Jail.

Meanwhile, the boys and the couple’s two other boys, ages 9 years and 11 months, were placed in protective custody, Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp said. The 9-year-old and 11-month-old were not being held in caged rooms.

The case surfaced after a social worker responded to a complaint about children being locked in cages. After knocking at the door, the social worker reported hearing a strange wailing coming from the apartment at 4317 N.E. 66th Ave.

“It kind of sounded like a bird, but I wondered if it was a kid,” the caseworker told officers, according to police reports.

Responding officers arrived later, and Higdon answered the door with a baby in her arms. The officer reported looking down a hallway and seeing a child’s arm hanging through a caged door. There was garbage and food wrappers on the floor, and the apartment was dirty and grimy, according to police reports. The cupboards in the kitchen contained little food; a pizza and Mountain Dew were in the refrigerator.

The couple’s 9-year-old son told officers that his younger brothers were fed but never allowed out of the room. The 9-year-old grew quiet when officers asked if the parents ever physically assaulted the children, according to reports. There was no reports of physical abuse.

The door of the room had been removed and replaced with a metal slatted cage that encompassed the entire doorway, Kapp said. The room was dark, with a single mattress inside.

When an officer went to the bedroom, where the boys were confined, “they were making moaning noises and tapped their fingers together through the holes between the metal bars,” according to police reports.

The officer reported smelling the scent of urine coming from the boys.

Asked why her children were locked in the room, Higdon said they are hyperactive and she doesn’t want them running wild. Pressed about why they weren’t in school, she told the officer that she can’t find a special school for their autism and tries to home-school them — even though the 9-year-old told investigators that his mother doesn’t teach them, according to police reports.

She also explained that the boys are still in diapers because they don’t understand how to go to the bathroom. She said she was not responsible for their well-being because they were Eckhart’s biological children, not hers.

After contacting Eckhart, whom police reports describe as Higdon’s fiancé, he became antagonistic toward the officers, yelling that they have no right to take his children.

“What am I supposed to do?” he asked police. “Let them run around the house? What kind of (expletive) parenting is that? They are both autistic.”

Higdon told officers that her fiancé uses marijuana.

When officers let the boys out of the room, they appeared excited, and one of them pointed toward the window, according to police reports.

A witness (whose name was redacted from the report) interviewed by police reported that the children had been held in the caged room for at least six months.

Wednesday afternoon, at the couple’s apartment complex off Andresen Road, Springfield Meadows, neighbors said they occasionally heard children screaming but never saw the kids come outside.

One upstairs neighbor said the family were “really bad neighbors” and that the children’s screaming was always followed by the mother’s yelling.

Eckhart is listed in court papers as unemployed; a search for his Facebook page displays a picture of him making an obscene gesture.

Higdon is listed as a student at Clark College in elementary education and was part of a work-study program that sporadically placed her as a volunteer in the library at Harney Elementary School, said Vancouver Public Schools spokeswoman Kris Sork.

According to court documents, the couple lives off food stamps and $1,160 in welfare a month.

The couple’s family is blended, with the autistic boys belonging to Eckhart and the 9-year-old belonging to Higdon, according to police reports. They are the parents of the 11-month-old.

At their first appearance Wednesday, the judge appointed attorney Robert Vukanovich to represent Eckhart and attorney Clark Fridley to represent Higdon.

The pair are expected to be arraigned on charges April 27.

Reading that article, I had to prevent myself from screaming.
I’m so goddamn tired of seing this, it makes my freakin’ blood boil.
What pisses me off even more is this part of the article.

What am I supposed to do?” he asked police. “Let them run around the house? What kind of (expletive) parenting is that? They are both autistic.”

what the hell kind of an excuse is that?
and I’ve been
of being a safety risk to kids?
Need I
you that I know a parent who’s child’s autistic, blind, and nonverbal?
Does that kind of crap happen? Hell fucking know!
It’s stories like this that drive my willingness to protect the innocence of children, especially children like those shown in the story above.
and you want to let these people roam the street on araignment?
If I’m remembering my termonology correctly, is that not the same as bail?
Or maybe that word in my pissed off state was miss-read and I’m having a problem remembering the deffinition correctly.
feel free to comment and set me straight.

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the US after action report, and other musings.

Yeah, I’m lazy.
Deal with it.
I’ve been back on this side of the boarder, for what, almost a month.
in list format, because I’m just to goddamn lazy, and expanding thoughts undercafinated is not how I roll, oh, and because I can.

  • I returned from the states march 3, 2011.< relatively in tact, sanity not withstanding. Surf the blog in february for the few blog posts pertaining to it.
  • Came back to more ODSP horseshit, that will see the light of day when I’m not lazy and can form a comprehensive blog post on the stupid. short version, hi questionaire that attempted to say
    james and I were married. um, how about, not. That reminds me, I need to sign that, scan it and get it the hell back to the office.
  • More hospital related garbage, we think I’ve got a depression issue, but, that’s right, my health plan won’t cover meds to help me that don’t break my brain. now, where’d that money tree go?
  • I’m attempting to figure out relationship related things, partially due to depression, and partially other shit, that multiple people got the result of spued all over their monitors, thanks
    for dealing with the majority of it. I know it probably made your computers explode, but that’s ok, their’s the money tree, right? um, no. lol.
  • The hockey posts? knowing I haven’t posted a damn one since february 13, the short version, we suck, fuck off, and die, sums up the majority of those games. So, we’ll just forgo the spam that’ll happen if I attempt to catch up, k? sound like a good idea? yeah, that’s what I thought.
  • james mother is still of the opinion I don’t need ibuprofen, as advol is the same, and my specialist really really wants to slap her upside the head with something blunt. as me, and you all, probably know, when my specialist, (or now nearly my full time doctor, but more on that in another entry, maybe.), says bounce, this is what you need, it probably means get it and STFU. their are certain parental figures that need to learn the art of your not my doctor, she is, either help me get what I need or get the goddamn hell outta my way, k?

that, in squished format, is me.
Now, where the hell’s the money tree, and the cafinated beverages.

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hey, united states? canada’s kickin’ your ass, again!

Once again, we here in canada proove we have a better handle on this digital thing than the united states.
We took the year by storm with
18% growth
over the united states impressive 1%.
Oh, wait, it gets better.
In 2009, our digital growth was 38%, and the united states was… what’s that? only 8%? sorry you suck, again.
It’s impressive to see that our digital and non digital markets rank the same, number 7 in the world.
Again, united states? RIAA/MPAA, head out of your asses, right the hell now.

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It’s… Cluetime! Again? Really?

I thought I was done issuing clues to the stupid today? it’s almost 5 PM as I start this. I guess clue issuance doesn’t have office hours. Having said that, I guess stupid doesn’t either. And I take it those who issue clue don’t get sickdays? I could’ve taken one today. somewhere, one of you just asked, “Oh for fuck’s sakes, what could’ve possibly blown up now? Shane’s out of the country for Christ’s sakes!” Yeah, well of course he’s out of the country. but that doesn’t mean my family’s stupid license wasn’t revoked. Of course not. that’d be too easy. I’m digging through email again. Personal email. Translation: the address the family has. this can only end in cursing, right? Well, of course.

Over the past couple days, my mother seemed to have gotten some weed in her system, gotten the bug out of her ass, and started acting like a normal human being. she even cracked a joke in her last message about me buying her an iPhone for her 40th birthday. So you’d think that the stupid was if not gone, at least significantly curtailed, right? Excuse me while I pop your happy little bubble where everything’s perfect… Ah, there, that’s better. Incoming stupid! Duck and cover! (Note that the email address of the guilty party is not provided here for the author’s sanity and safety.)

Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 4:08 PM
From: (My grandmother)
To: Krista Pennell

Hi Krista
Auntie called me last night and she wants to take you out to lunch for your birthday, I guess this weekend
she wants me to go too. Dad and I are happy you are coming home. Remember you can not bring Shane home
with you. I don;t want what happened for your birthday to happen. Email me back please
Love you

Now, let’s review, children, shall we?
When was Shane supposed to leave? tuesday.
When did he actually leave? Wednesday. We’ll blame Fitchburg State, the MBTA, and Greyhound for that, but that’s his deal not mine.
Who paid, more often than not, whenever we went to do something, whether it was traveling to New Hampshire to hang with friends, grab takeout because cafeteria food is meh, or go out to dinner by ourselves, without people whining they wanna go with us? that’s right, Shane did.
What did I contribute? I was able to pay for his food when his wallet walked off, give him a place to stay, and let him borrow my equipment while we waited for his to get here. (Thanks, asshole in Montreal, that was much appreciated. And asshole who jacked his wallet? Hell. Go there. now. Move). This trip was not under the niftiest of circumstances, as you well know, and as I’ve said before, we thank everyone who was able to pull it off the ground when it did go sideways.

that having been said, what the hell do I have to do to get it through people’s heads that he’s not taking advantage of me? Is my family really that overprotective, stupid, and unwilling to treat me like an adult that they’re hammering it into their own heads that he’s taking advantage of me? And how am I supposed to show them he’s not when they won’t give me the chance to? My mother, for one, complains that I don’t include him in anything. well, how do I do that when you won’t allow me to, you dumb ass? And grandmother, you know better. You of all people, know that I despise when people behave like that. You knew I didn’t want a birthday party, you knew it would’ve been too much for me to deal with. You knew I wanted Shane to meet everyone. I understand mother had a tantrum, oh my god, 2 and a half weeks ago, but that doesn’t give you the right to bring it up and throw it in my face. We’ve spoken of this before. I’ve told you I’m not going to be the old lady with 7000 cats just to make my mother happy and make her not have to, *gasp*, deal with people she may or may not like. the only person I’ve ever dated that she’s liked is cory. God forbid I date anyone else. she’s never liked anyone I’ve dated, with the exception of one guy, and that’s because his parents were filthy motherfucking rich. But he lived all the way out in Boston, and god forbid I be allowed to travel there. Oh, and he wasn’t necessarily college material either, so I guess the only reason she ever liked him was his rich family. Hell, she’s never really even liked any of my blind friends, again, with the notable exception of Cory. I know I referred in my last post to the poor guy whose family originated from Pakistan whom she ragged on so bad behind his back that I took pity on the poor kid and stopped talking to him. she never ragged on any of my other friends that bad, but when I hung around the few sighted people who would tolerate being seen with the blind girl in my early high school days, you could tell she was much happier about that. Take for example my friend Jay, who had one whole side of his face crushed by a jet-ski about 4 years back. He too, was blind. Did she ever rag on him, even if his face was scarred up all to hell? No. Did she rag on my friend who is wheelchair bound and only has partial use of one hand? No. All of these people have one thing in common, including Shane. That is that they all, somehow, look different. Hell, even I do. And we know she’s all over me constantly about my looks. So what the hell is her problem? Shane has done nothing to hurt me, nor has he done anything to her. When he met her, he was nothing but civil to her. And she didn’t give him any hell either. What seems to be the problem, now, and how the hell do I fix it? Given her previous history with friends of mine and people I’ve dated, how was I supposed to know she’d pull this on Shane? And why, suddenly, is my grandmother behaving like this? What’d I do to her? How’s he supposed to meet the rest of the family if they won’t remove their collective cranium from their rectum? Mother says she wants to see him included in things, and so do I, but how is that possible when everyone’s being stupid? How did they go from being accepting of this in November, to this attitude of disgust, now?
End brain vomit. Time to go get actual work done, now. it’s 7:35 and I’m still in an awesome mood because of that one email. Just… Meh. I hate people somedays.

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blind people are not superhuman, sorry bout your luck.

going through twitter this morning I ran across this
the title alone makes me shake my head in utter amazement.
Are you serious?\
reading the article I have to ask myself, are you really that fucking dense?
From the article, I agree with this part.

a commenter on the National Federation of the Blind’s listserv, consider him “disgraceful” for promoting behavior such as tongue clicking that could be seen as off-putting and abnormal.

does this fool run around without his cane? come on, your blind, yes. you should be indipendant, damn right, but quit acting like a sighted person when your not one!
You are blind, you do sometimes need help, so instead of hurting yourself by doing stupid things, get your head outta your ass!
You can’t do everything alone, and attempting to make people think you as a blind person can, is outright rediculous!
Their are lots of things you can do on your own, but not *everything.*.
I hope this guy dies from his stupidity.
Him getting ran over by a car because he thinks he’s sighted will learn people, real quick.

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how can you not know?

So whdh tv reported about 5 minutes before I started writing that a grandfather picking up his 3 year old son from daycare was
given the wrong child
and didn’t realize it until he got home.
How the hell do you not know you don’t have your child?
Just…. stupid people.
At least the daycare centre is
reviewing their policies
but still. welcome to stupid, it hurts.

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a small note to hamilton dweebs. wanna try that again?

Oh god, the stupid strikes again.
So on a wim I dial up the ODSP IVR, the thing that tells me how much money I’m getting, or not getting, depending on your side of the fence, and get simarily told your file’s currently on hold.
after the appropriate amount of WTF happens, I ping my ODSP worker and go, last time I checked my file was fine, what the hell’s going on.
in list format have these appropriate amount of wtf results.
According to certain individuals I’m supposedly, ready?:

  1. Married to krista.
  2. We have a child on the way because I supposedly had unprotected sex.
  3. I moved down their perminantly and didn’t report that to ODSP.

firstly, how the hell can I be married to krista when we’re not even engaged?
Secondly, a child? seriously? how the hell’d that happen, from 400 miles away? that’d have to be one long ass dick, ok? just… omg.
Thirdly? moved down their? really? except not. Wishful thinking, but sadly, didn’t happen.
So the result of that, kathy, my worker, now has to issue appropriate amounts of clue to get this fixed, and attempt to not die while laughing.
Kathy indicates this little implosion that is the stupid should be fixed by friday at the *latest*.
I was highly amused, in a, are you fuckin’ serious? kinda way.
The lengths some people will go to.
just, jesus christ.
Please do be not trying that again. You’ll fail, again.
unrelated: CNIB? *totally* blind is just that, totally, 0, no, sight, so take your low vision assessment and shove it up your ass. it’s not needed in this apartment. thanks for trying, though.

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and this person has other kids? not anymore she don’t.

We start out today… with yet another clue.
This is what… the 2nd day in a row?
Doing the morning cruise through RSS feeds, we find a mother that got charged for an amber alert, why? because the mother decided to use her kid as
so a man would return her car.
Then she claimed the child was abducted, oh yeah, this is just brilliant.
Have the article in full.

The Elmira mother charged after the city’s first use of the Amber Alert system used her 3-year-old son as “insurance” when she loaned an acquaintance her car, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Stephanie A. Davila, 33, of South Walnut Street, was also accused of lying to police as they were looking for her son, Jacob Ryan Rubin Davila.
Law enforcement officials said the mother loaned her car to a man she didn’t know well and made him take the boy so he would return the vehicle.
The boy, who was reported missing Tuesday night, was found unharmed Wednesday morning at a motel room in Henrietta, a suburb of Rochester.
Stephanie Davila and the man accused of taking Jacob Davila, Quentin M. Singletary, 26, of Rochester, were both charged Wednesday with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. They are scheduled to appear at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Elmira City Court.
“Right now, I feel we’ve got appropriate charges filed,” Chemung County District Attorney Weeden Wetmore said Thursday, adding that he’d spoken in detail with Capt. Joe Kain, commander of the Elmira Detective Bureau, about the investigation.
The misdemeanor complaint against Stephanie Davila accuses her of misleading police as they looked for her son.
“When the patrol originally went over there, she flat-out told us it was an abduction of her child against her wishes,” Kain said.
That information led police to issue an Amber Alert, saying that Jacob Davila had been abducted, Kain said.
“It wasn’t until we interviewed some of her other kids, and some of the information was able to be obtained to find out that she actually did give him (Singletary) consent to take her car and one of her children,” Kain said.
Another charge may be coming: Wetmore said he may charge Singletary with unlawful imprisonment, but Davila’s actions the night Jacob Davila went missing might stand in the way.
“(Davila) insisted that (Singletary) take her son when he took the car, as insurance that he would return the car,” Wetmore said, adding that that was the reason for her charge.

“He never intended to kidnap (Jacob), or anything. He just took the kid and went to do his business in Rochester,” Wetmore said.

Wetmore said he charged Singletary with endangering “because he had the kid legitimately, but for whatever reason he decided to go off to Rochester.”
Wetmore said he didn’t know why Singletary went to Rochester with Jacob Davila, and said Stephanie Davila also didn’t know.
“She didn’t want to know what his business was,” Wetmore said.
“According to her, she thought he was just going to a local Burger King. She let her son go off.”
Kain said there is no evidence Singletary’s trip to Rochester was related to drug trafficking.
He said there may have been some drug paraphernalia in the motel room in Henrietta where deputies found the boy, but Singletary and Jacob Davila had only been in that room for a few minutes. He said they stayed in a different room at the motel.
When deputies found Jacob Davila, they questioned Singletary, one man and two women.
Kain said the three other adults whom deputies found in the room “knew nothing about Quentin Singletary … abducting a kid or anything like that. They knew (Jacob) as his girl’s baby, so they never questioned anything about it. He just kind of hung out up there with them.”
Though the three other adults in the motel room may have thought the boy belonged to Singletary’s girlfriend, Kain said he didn’t know whether he and Stephanie Davila actually had a romantic relationship.
He said the two met about two weeks ago and had seen each other a few times since then.
“Quentin didn’t even know the boy’s name,” Kain said. “If he had to think for a while, it would come to him. … (Davila) doesn’t know him; he doesn’t know nothing about her.
“That’s his lifestyle, just come and go and do his own thing. He’s not accountable to anybody …,” Kain said.
Kain said Singletary has a criminal history but didn’t elaborate except to say that Singletary had never been arrested in Elmira.
Police said they fielded perhaps thousands of calls after issuing the Amber Alert. Kain said two of those callers provided information that helped locate Jacob Davila. He said he planned to talk to both.
“They did an outstanding job and it helped us out immensely, so I’d like to commend them in whatever way I can,” Kain said.
“It’s nice when people step up and do the right thing, especially when it’s a good cause: the protecting and the saving of a little kid.”

So in short, the man in question, Kain, isn’t being charged, unless I’m missing something, and the mother is.
Please do be taking the rest of her kids to, ok?
Related: I hate stupid people, stop failing, please? thanks.

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a note to people who think I’m made of money. their’s a clue inside. go fetch.

This is an open clue to specific individuals who think I’m made of money and who need a knew brain.
Please take note of the following in list format.

  • Nobody was home when I left on december 1, 2010.
  • Your waiting until now, almost a month later, to ask about the house key? seriously?

Now, for a couple well aimed clues.

  • If you really want me to ship the key back to you, kindly pay for it. and *my*, transportation, at $25 each way, to and from pembroke by cab to ship the offending piece of metal.
  • a more smarter idea is this, it’s cheeper to simply cut another key than to spend almost $15 in shipping, + transportation costs, to and from the post office, for me to ship the house key back to you.
  • what the fuck am I gonna do with the house key nearly 9 hours away, for serious?

In short, quit wasting my time, and yours, and the money I don’t have, and get over yourselves.
Replace the lock or the housekey, and move the fuck on.
I don’t wanna here anymore wining you can’t rent the room out because, *I*, didn’t give back the house key.
the simple fact is this, your to goddamn lazy to cut a knew one, and that’s the end of it.
Thanks for playing, now, shut up and leave me the hell alone.
note, to the people this is directed at, this is my blog, my opinion, don’t like what I have to say, stop reading, right the hell now.

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