A note to the stupid

First, we start with the internal stupid.
1. Pitting everyone against each other and causing a major bitchfest, is NOT how you get your way.
2. Sitting on the computer all day, unshowered and in your pajamas, at the age of 12 is wrong. What the fuck are you thinking? Wait…Why do I need to ask that when I know you’re not?
3. Additionally, again. At 12, you should be DOING SOMETHING. Not sitting there telling me you’re too lazy to take a shower.
4. Yes, I did bitch you out, and yes, your father agrees with me, or he would’ve bitched at me when I went to go do morning meds.
(He didn’t. He was completely fine with me and recognizes this as an attempt to pit everyone against each other and have them fighting for this child’s amusement.)

Onward to the external stupid.
1. As the blog’s disclaimer says, “You have the ability to not read this blog, please exercise that right. That simple.”
2. Let me translate that for you in even plainer English than Shane did. “If you don’t like what someone has to say here, kindly do us the favor of getting lost.”
3. Additionally, if you don’t like something here, please have the testicular fortitude to tell us, and tell us who you are. One thing we hate here are anonymous comments, which get automatically heaved into the spam folder, but even worse, we hate it when people circumvent blog policy.

4. Noone who comments has the right to tell us how to run the blog, or how we can comment. I’ll say it again. “You have the ability not to read this blog, please exercise that right.”
5. Not doing the above automatically revokes your bitching license. Please be advised of this in future.

Assistant admin and co-writer needs a 2-liter of Mountain Dew, some lunch, and a week off from the stupid.

I can’t find words.

Their aren’t words to express how I feel about
a parent not teaching their child(S) better.

A 12-year-old boy has been arrested for allegedly raping two 8-year-old boys from his Shelby Farms-area neighborhood. He was charged with two counts of rape of a child.

Reportedly, a third 8-year-old boy came forward with a similar claim on Friday, a day after the 12-year-old’s arrest, though additional charges have not been filed.

The grandmother of one victim said the the incident occurred in late May, shortly after school recessed for summer break. The boys were swimming with the 12-year-old in his backyard pool when he allegedly raped them and threatened to kill them and their families if they told anyone.

Three weeks later, the boys told a friend’s older brother. He then told the victims’ families.

Since then, a bustling neighborhood where children spent their days playing together outside has become much quieter, the grandmother said.

“There were kids out everywhere, all the time,” she said. “But for the past month, I kid you not, there hasn’t been a kid outside playing.”

The boy is the second juvenile to be charged with rape of a child in the Memphis area in less than two months. In May, a 12-year-old Germantown boy was accused of raping a 9-year-old boy from his neighborhood in a nearby woods.

He pleaded “no contest” to the charges in June and was ordered to attend counseling by Shelby County Juvenile Court.

About 100 juveniles were charged with a sex crime in Shelby County in 2010, perhaps the most notable involving Memphis’ youngest known rapists, a 7-year-old and 9-year-old boy.

In August, the two were accused of using an object to rape a 2-year-old neighbor.

In April, after receiving specialized treatment in state custody, the younger boy was released to his parents while the 9-year-old was ordered to undergo further treatment.

The age of the offenders keeps them from being listed on Tennessee’s recently established juvenile sex offender registry.

Offenders age 14-18 who have been convicted of rape, rape of a child, aggravated rape of a child, aggravated sexual battery or attempt of any of the aforementioned offenses are placed on the private registry, which is only available to law enforcement and court officials.

a few questions

  • What the hell are parent’s teaching their kids these days? are they teaching them that rape’s a good thing?
  • Why were the parents not supervising their children swimming?
  • To be honest with you, I’d have charged this kid as an adult and made an example out of him.

I’m thoroughly disgusted.

and sighted people had the nerve to question my parent skills as a blind person? really?

Oh yeah, this is exactly what I wanted to wake up to reading via rss feeds this morning.
While scrolling through RSS feeds, I come across
Here’s the article in it’s entirety.

Vancouver couple have been arrested for allegedly holding their two young autistic boys captive in a darkened, caged room.

Responding to a tip from Child Protective Services, police officers raided the couple’s apartment Tuesday and found the boys, ages 5 and 7, confined in a bedroom with a cage-like door. The boys could not speak, were wearing diapers and were not enrolled in school or receiving medical attention, according to police reports. They had no toys in their bedroom, which also had a cage over the window.

The parents, John C. Eckhart, 30, and Alayna M. Higdon, 26, were taken into custody on suspicion of second-degree criminal mistreatment and unlawful imprisonment, both class C felonies. On Wednesday morning, Clark County Superior Court Judge Robert Lewis set bail at $25,000 each. As of Wednesday afternoon, the two were in the Clark County Jail.

Meanwhile, the boys and the couple’s two other boys, ages 9 years and 11 months, were placed in protective custody, Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp said. The 9-year-old and 11-month-old were not being held in caged rooms.

The case surfaced after a social worker responded to a complaint about children being locked in cages. After knocking at the door, the social worker reported hearing a strange wailing coming from the apartment at 4317 N.E. 66th Ave.

“It kind of sounded like a bird, but I wondered if it was a kid,” the caseworker told officers, according to police reports.

Responding officers arrived later, and Higdon answered the door with a baby in her arms. The officer reported looking down a hallway and seeing a child’s arm hanging through a caged door. There was garbage and food wrappers on the floor, and the apartment was dirty and grimy, according to police reports. The cupboards in the kitchen contained little food; a pizza and Mountain Dew were in the refrigerator.

The couple’s 9-year-old son told officers that his younger brothers were fed but never allowed out of the room. The 9-year-old grew quiet when officers asked if the parents ever physically assaulted the children, according to reports. There was no reports of physical abuse.

The door of the room had been removed and replaced with a metal slatted cage that encompassed the entire doorway, Kapp said. The room was dark, with a single mattress inside.

When an officer went to the bedroom, where the boys were confined, “they were making moaning noises and tapped their fingers together through the holes between the metal bars,” according to police reports.

The officer reported smelling the scent of urine coming from the boys.

Asked why her children were locked in the room, Higdon said they are hyperactive and she doesn’t want them running wild. Pressed about why they weren’t in school, she told the officer that she can’t find a special school for their autism and tries to home-school them — even though the 9-year-old told investigators that his mother doesn’t teach them, according to police reports.

She also explained that the boys are still in diapers because they don’t understand how to go to the bathroom. She said she was not responsible for their well-being because they were Eckhart’s biological children, not hers.

After contacting Eckhart, whom police reports describe as Higdon’s fiancé, he became antagonistic toward the officers, yelling that they have no right to take his children.

“What am I supposed to do?” he asked police. “Let them run around the house? What kind of (expletive) parenting is that? They are both autistic.”

Higdon told officers that her fiancé uses marijuana.

When officers let the boys out of the room, they appeared excited, and one of them pointed toward the window, according to police reports.

A witness (whose name was redacted from the report) interviewed by police reported that the children had been held in the caged room for at least six months.

Wednesday afternoon, at the couple’s apartment complex off Andresen Road, Springfield Meadows, neighbors said they occasionally heard children screaming but never saw the kids come outside.

One upstairs neighbor said the family were “really bad neighbors” and that the children’s screaming was always followed by the mother’s yelling.

Eckhart is listed in court papers as unemployed; a search for his Facebook page displays a picture of him making an obscene gesture.

Higdon is listed as a student at Clark College in elementary education and was part of a work-study program that sporadically placed her as a volunteer in the library at Harney Elementary School, said Vancouver Public Schools spokeswoman Kris Sork.

According to court documents, the couple lives off food stamps and $1,160 in welfare a month.

The couple’s family is blended, with the autistic boys belonging to Eckhart and the 9-year-old belonging to Higdon, according to police reports. They are the parents of the 11-month-old.

At their first appearance Wednesday, the judge appointed attorney Robert Vukanovich to represent Eckhart and attorney Clark Fridley to represent Higdon.

The pair are expected to be arraigned on charges April 27.

Reading that article, I had to prevent myself from screaming.
I’m so goddamn tired of seing this, it makes my freakin’ blood boil.
What pisses me off even more is this part of the article.

What am I supposed to do?” he asked police. “Let them run around the house? What kind of (expletive) parenting is that? They are both autistic.”

what the hell kind of an excuse is that?
and I’ve been
of being a safety risk to kids?
Need I
you that I know a parent who’s child’s autistic, blind, and nonverbal?
Does that kind of crap happen? Hell fucking know!
It’s stories like this that drive my willingness to protect the innocence of children, especially children like those shown in the story above.
and you want to let these people roam the street on araignment?
If I’m remembering my termonology correctly, is that not the same as bail?
Or maybe that word in my pissed off state was miss-read and I’m having a problem remembering the deffinition correctly.
feel free to comment and set me straight.

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a sentancing finally comes down the pipe. she deserves it.

As posted
a colorado child died after drowning in the bathtub, while his mother was on
Well now, the mother has been
Here’s that article in it’s entirety.

A northern Colorado woman who was playing a game on Facebook while her 13-month-old child drowned in a full bathtub was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison.

Shannon Johnson was playing a game on Facebook while her 13-month-old son drowned in a full bathtub. She was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison. (Weld County (Colo.) Sheriff/Greeley Tribune/Associated Press)
Shannon Johnson, 34, of Fort Lupton, cried as District Judge Thomas Quammen told her he didn’t think she was a bad person or that she killed her son on purpose, the Greeley Tribune reported.

But, he added, that doesn’t mean her action wasn’t criminal.

“You left this little boy in a bathtub so you could entertain yourself on the computer by playing games,” Quammen said. “And you left that 13-month-old human being, little Joseph, incredibly for those reasons.”

Johnson pleaded guilty in March to negligently causing the death of her child. The charge carried a sentencing range of four to 12 years, but it also left open the possibility she could receive community service or probation. Authorities rejected both of those options, saying they didn’t want to play down the seriousness of her crime.

According to court documents, Johnson put her son in the tub for his bath a little after 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 20. She then left him unsupervised in a bathtub full of water as she went to another room to share videos, check status updates and play Café World on Facebook. Johnson told deputies that Joseph had grown independent and wanted to be left alone in the tub.

When she returned to the bathroom, said she found Joseph sideways and face-down in the tub.

Johnson called 911 to say Joseph wasn’t breathing. Paramedics were able to revive the toddler but he was pronounced dead at a Denver hospital.

She was also sentenced to five years of mandatory parole following her incarceration.

‘Independent baby,’ mother said
According to the affidavit, Johnson told police the boy “wanted to be left alone” and was a very “independent baby.”

She also told police she knew what it was like to be told “no,” and she did not want her baby to be told “no.”

The affidavit says she also did not want him to be known as a “mama’s boy.”

Johnson told police she gave the boy a bath every day — sometimes twice a day. She said that on the day Joseph died, the water level might have been higher than usual.

Johnson told police she had been leaving Joseph in the bathtub alone for weeks.

She also told authorities that her son had a seizure at his grandmother’s house a month earlier and had been given anti-seizure medication in case it happened again. Doctors didn’t diagnose the cause of the seizure and there were no other occurrences, Johnson said.

The investigation into the boy’s death was delayed while investigators waited for the final autopsy report. That report came back Jan. 3. It said the baby died of anoxic brain injury, cardiac arrest and drowning, according to the arrest affidavit. Johnson was arrested days later.

She was also sentenced to five years of mandatory parole following her incarceration.

Weld County undersheriff Margie Martinez told KMGH-TV in Denver that Johnson’s mother said she had warned her daughter of the danger of leaving the toddler unattended in water just days before he drowned.

“She told her she wouldn’t do it anymore,” Martinez said.

Their aren’t words. See my previous post, my comments their, fit here to.

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and people wonder why?

so at this point and time I sit back and wonder

what the goddamn hell did i ever do to deserve the way people treat me.

I’ve probably posted here numerous times about my childhood, so we won’t rehash that.
But going through e-mail, and cursing the spam filters as I had to go digging for an order receipt, this message, got through.
Because I’m not a total heartless prick I’ve removed the e-mail and name of the sender, and my own for the security of all.
I’m going to reaferm my stance, I’m not responsible for the actions of others as a result of this post, and I’m not responsible if you aquire equipment to blow this person to kingdom come. But I’ll support the efort and join you in jail, k?
So here we go.

from: my biological mother
to: me
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 4:17 AM

This message is to inform you that we heard about your surgeries back in July, and what has transpired since then.
What right did you have denying your biological parents access to your medical history, or your state of health.
We fucking brought you into this world, we have a fucking right to know what’s going on with you.
How’d we find out? By reading your goddamn blog, and if this goes on the blog, you won’t like the consiquences.
I hope someone does kill you because you don’t deserve to live, and the next time you have surgery hopefully they’ll fucking kill you so your out of our lives.
As for you dating some gutter slut whore from the states? Your a goddamn canadian, stay the fuck on this side of the boarder, you don’t need to be dating some fat, no good bitch that can’t even fend for herself and who won’t even get up the balls to come up here.
The only relationship from that side of the boarder that did you any good was the one that knew that slapping you around was the only way to keep you in line.
Don’t ever deny us access to your information again young man, we brought you into this world, and we’ll take you out of it.
Your foster parents can’t and won’t stop us from removing you from our lives, even if you think they will.
You can’t hide from us, so don’t try.

see above, I need not repeat myself.
The comment boards and this database might just blow up. Sorry
dream host
if I cause the
server to shit all over the floor.

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clearly, 18′s still a ripe age for being a complete idiot when it comes to parenting.

I see this on a daily bases.
Parents think that parenting’s fun, get their asses knocked up then do stupid shit.
This one,
to report one thing to medical personell, but then it’s prooven wrong, hi the boy suffering from

second- and third-degree burns over 40 percent of his body, and his injuries are considered life-threatening

and you still plead not guilty?
For serious?
I’m still of the mind set, you want to parent, you need to be ualified.
Wait, slight problem with that, we give idiots drivers licenses to, so that wouldn’t help.
Shit, I tried, k?

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Sex Offender Wins Custody of Daughter.

This is fucking dispicabel.
I’m extremely outraged.
My comments follow the article.

Sex Offender Wins Custody of Daughter.
A HEROIN-addicted sex offender has won custody of his young daughter because the girl’s mother is considered an even more unsuitable parent.
Child protection campaigners yesterday lashed the Federal Magistrates’ Court decision to leave the girl in such conditions as outrageous and “defying logic”.
Granting custody of the girl, aged about 5, to the father, the court branded the mother dishonest and criticised her continuing drug use. The court heard the mother, who has shoplifting and prostitution-related convictions and a history of drug use, left the labour ward to buy heroin soon after giving birth.
The father, who also has a string of convictions, was put on the sex offenders’ list after being convicted of wilful and obscene exposure The girl, who has behavioural problems and a speech impediment, has suffered serious injuries.
Her plight was reported to the Department of Human Services last year after she was treated for a serious burn to her buttocks. Each parent blamed the other for it. The girl also had injuries from a dog bite and once suffered an injury from being hit with a shoe.The couple separated soon after the birth, and the father is reported to have been violent to the mother.
But, despite concerns he had taken drugs as recently as last December, and kept a knife and sword collection, the court last month ruled the girl should live with him.
“The father provides calmer parenting with more clearly set boundaries than the mother does,” the magistrate said.
“A history of inadequate supervision combined with heroin and marijuana use create a serious concern that (the girl) may be neglected by her mother.”
The girl will spend two out of three weekends with her mother.The court gave the father custody because the mother continued to use drugs and “had been dishonest with the court”.
Her drug-screening tests repeatedly indicated the presence of benzodiazepines and opiates. She was even suspected of once taking drugs while in the court precinct arguing for custody. Her home was once described as filthy and strewn with vomit and faecal material, though the court accepted its cleanliness was usually “probably in an acceptable range”.
The father is on a disability pension and hasn’t worked in almost 10 years because of depression.
“There was no evidence (he) is making any notable contribution to society,” the court said.
It said he “was using drugs or doing something else he did not want to admit” as recently as last September, and had lied about his whereabouts when meant to be caring for his daughter.
But he was making progress with his addictions. It ordered him to dispose of his weapons. The Australian Childhood Foundation’s Joe Tucci said the decision “defies logic”.
“Children shouldn’t ever be placed in a situation where the rights of the parents . . . override their right to protection,” he said.
“The decision should be about whether a child is safe or not, not which parent is the better to look after them.
“The community expects children to be looked after by their parents, and if the parents fail this then the courts need to look after them.”
Child protection campaigner Hetty Johnston said the ruling was “outrageously dangerous”.”There’s no way staying with either parent should have even been an option. This isn’t in the best interest of the child,” she said.
A Department of Human Services spokesman said it was no longer involved in the case.

Let’s nail a few points here.

  • what the hell is the child doing with *either* parent to begin with?
  • with that said, are the courts utterly demented in the head? what the hell is this! your going to put the child in an abusive environment because, what, the state/department can’t pony up the money to keep this child safe?

No matter what, I’m shocked by this decision, that has been handed down.
Both parents, in my opinion, are unfit parents, so *neither* of them should have custody of this child.
Also, take into account the fact that this child is disabled, with a speech impediment. Can these parents provide for this child’s physical, medical, needs, with this drug habbit burning every spare dollar? In my opinion, no!
Ladies and gentlemen, the department of child services, and today’s justice system are a disgrace, no matter where you live, it’s atrotious.
I’ve posted previously in this blog about lesser cases, where the child is taken and put into the department as a ward of the state/county.
If these departments and our court systems, are going to do this to lesser cases, in a case like this article shows, why the fuck are they putting this child into an environment that, will most likely kill this child?
I want to here your opinions.
Am I wrong?
Am i just spouting out of anger?
Have i missed a vital point here somewhere?
The comment boards await you.

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HEy folks,
I don’t have time to write awhole lot, as I’ve got an appointment to get to.
THi is jst ot say that i am still alive and kicking.
Rose and myself are moved into the apartment, and oding well.
We’ve still got problems with the C.A.S. trying to take our baby, and we’re working to stop it.
I’ll write more later on.

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A Slide, a Prayer, Again

Good afternoon fellow readers.
I get a lot of christian related material by e-mail.
I enjoy a lot of it.
a lot of the good stuff comes from:
christian today.com
this site offers a lot of great reading.
The following article comes from the
children’s ministry
section of that site.
Please enjoy, and remember, your comments are always welcome on the material posted here.
and now, as they say in show business, we give you our featured presentation, the article entitled A Slide, a Prayer, Again.

A Slide, a Prayer, Again
by Keri Wyatt Kent

Little Josh wanders the three-year-old room at Promiseland, stopping first at the art station to color a picture of Jesus, which he embellishes with a few
lines and circles meant to be Thomas the train. I admire his work. He smiles, but is already scanning the room, sizing up the possibilities: a reading
corner with picture books, a play kitchen, bowling with plastic pins, and a rubber ball. Then he sees it: the sturdy plastic slide, brightly hued and inviting.
“I want to slide,” he says, pulling me by the hand. “Okay,” I say.

He points to a spot on the carpet beside the slide. “You sit here and watch me,” he says kindly. As a volunteer, that’s my job during play time—to watch
the kids (we’ll talk about the Bible lesson later during small group time). I agree and sit on the floor. Josh climbs to the top of slide, sits down and
looks at me expectantly.

“Ready, set, go!” I say. He slides down, his light-up sneakers catching slightly on the slide. He runs over to me and I give him a high-five. He stops,
looking thoughtful. He lifts one finger, looking professorial. “I’ll do it again!” he says.

Josh was sliding for at least 15 minutes, maybe more. Each time, he’d lift that index finger and repeat, “I’ll do it again!” Since I was at Promiseland
and not at home trying to get other chores done, I sat down and simply watched Josh play. He’d look over at me, and I’d clap or make comments. Occasionally,
other kids joined in, and I watched all of them, saying “Ready, set, go!” when prompted and offering “Great job!” with a high-five as each came off the

What made this activity satisfying for three-year-olds? Well, they like doing things “again”! (And again and again.) But mostly, I think, Josh liked having
someone to watch and admire his play on the slide. He just enjoyed my attention.

Prayer is like that, I think: just enjoying the attention of God.

What an amazing gift—the loving attention of God. We can have it any time we want—God is never hurried, never stingy with time. We can take that attention
for granted. It’s easy to focus on ourselves and our needs when we pray. But prayer is so much more than communicating our concerns.

Prayer is rooted in relationship. The writer of Hebrews notes that our relationship with Jesus not only gives us access to God, but assurance that we’ll
be heard and helped. “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way,
just as we are—yet was without sin. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in
our time of need” (Hebrews 4:15,16).

Just as little Josh was confident that he could ask me to sit and watch him play on the slide, that I would give him my attention and affirmation, we can
be confident that God will listen to us.

That begins the conversation, but if it is truly to be that—a conversation—we must listen as well. To be aware that God is giving us attention and to respond
by offering our attention back to God—that’s the beginning of a deeper kind of prayer.

Do these ideas fill you with longing? Pay attention to that.

“Desire for God is fuel for prayer,” writes Marjorie Thompson, adding that all our spiritual desires come from God. God is the initiator—the one who sits
down to listen to us and longs to have us listen, be still, and know.

Does prayer feel like a privilege, or an obligation? Is it a time to listen, or just a chance to stuff your complaints in the suggestion box? Do you enjoy
the attention of God, or does it make you squirmy, wondering what to say?

One way to listen to God is to simply be still, and pray a simple breath prayer. A breath prayer is one that can be uttered in the space of a single inhale
and exhale. It’s a way of giving God attention that you can carry with you through your day.

Start by simply being quiet and taking a few deep, calming breaths. Imagine Jesus is there with you, asking, what do you need? Do you need peace? Confidence?
Strength to endure? Wisdom? Jesus promises to give us all these things if we ask.

Then, decide how you want to address God. What feels most intimate, or addresses your need most directly? Loving Father? Compassionate One? Lord?

Combine this name for God with your desire or need. For example, you may pray, “Counselor, give me wisdom.” A famous breath prayer that has been prayed
for generations is “Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

You may want to write your prayer in a journal or on an index card that you can carry with you. Or simply carry it in your heart. Pray it throughout your
day. Then listen for God’s response. Or simply enjoy the quiet presence of the Spirit.

Today, take some time to enjoy the attention of God, to share your joys and challenges with one who delights in listening to you. And then, offer your undivided
attention to God, who longs to tell you how deeply and fully loved you truly are.

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